Thursday, December 11, 2014

SAR #14345

We all interpret reality, and we're not very good at it.

Under Cover of Hubbub: While everyone was focused on the CIA's penchant for torture, Secretary Kerry asked Congress to give the administration authority to deploy US ground troops against Islamic State militants, anywhere - “without geographic limitation” - for the next three years. Acknowledging that Obama has repeatedly said the US would not use US ground troops, Kerry said that the promise wasn't necessarily true. 
Revised Edition: Remember the GOP shutdown of the government back in 2013 which accomplished nothing? Well they're back and feeling lucky and are willing to shut the government down this weekend if Dodd-Franks isn't gutted, Obamcare crippled, and the immigration reform reformed right out of existence. There's talk of a compromise, but that usually means that if the Democrats give the Republicans what they want, everything will be just fine. Isn't next year going to be fun?

About Face: A few months ago the US dispatched about 350 'advisors' to Iraq, then another 500 to keep the first guys safe, and so on until the number of US advisors has grown to 3,100. With another 1,500 troops “to fight against the Islamic State. Advisors, y'know, like in Vietnam in 1962.

Later, Dear: John Kerry tried to get Senator Feinstein to put off releasing the torture report because it “could complicate relationships with foreign countries at a sensitive time and posed an unacceptable risk to U.S. personnel and facilities abroad.” Try telling your wife that this is not a good time to tell her the truth because it would complicate your relationships with other women. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) wanted it put off because “Our foreign partners” in torturing prisoners are afraid of what will happen to them when their complicity becomes known. Rogers questioned why the report needed to become public, given that the Justice Department had investigated and filed no criminal charges. (Like a certain NYC Grand Jury.) Former CIA director Michael V. Hayden also tried to cover his ass, mostly by repeating old lies.

Internship: Surveys suggest that 1 in 3 Russian officials Is corrupt; the other two are trainees.

Chicken/Egg: The costs of developing new oil supplies have been steadily increasing and, of late, the price of those supplies has plummeted considerably. The lower price for the product is likely to decrease the fervor with which investors give drillers funds to produce more oil that may well be unprofitable. For a few months projects in development will continue to be completed, but new ventures are likely to go unfunded. Eventually supply will drop and someday demand will pick up and about then there is going to be a significant increase in price. But the increase in supply will be years away. So enjoy $2 gasoline while you can. 
Fergusoned: If the police keep over-reacting and misbehaving towards peaceful protesters, the social movement in Berkley and elsewhere – including the NFL and NBA - may be but the beginning. Like one lady not moving to the back of the bus sort of caught on.

It's In There! The $1.2 trillion 'compromise' funding bill not only gives John McCain's friends at Rio Tinto a huge chunk of the Tonto National forest to turn into an open pit mine, it will let rich guys give 10 times as much to a political party as previously – up to $324,000. That plan also includes reinstating military aid to Egypt.

The Plan: Inequality is part of God's plan, at least in Texas, according to Rick Perry, because the Bible told us the poor would always be with us. Just down the road, outside the fence.

Porn O'Graph: Old glory.


OkieLawyer said...

Re: Revised Edition

You missed one: the bill would allow the slashing of pensions for those who have already retired.

Congress considering plan to allow pension cuts

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Yes, and it made the next day's. Thanks!