Tuesday, December 9, 2014

SAR #14343

Another Serving: Cops in Berkeley, CA brutally attacked students who were peacefully protesting police brutality. The videos on MSM don't suggest what really happened. There's a new video from AZ with a girl pleading “I can't breathe...” The feds claim that the Albuquerque police department – which is the record holder for cops killing citizens - “engages in a pattern or practice of unconstitutional use of deadly force. [And has] “shot and killed civilians who did not pose an imminent threat of serious bodily harm or death to the officers or others.” Elsewhere, NYPD cops beat an 84 year-old man for jaywalking. Yet 28% of urban blacks still trust the police. To do what?

Pot/Kettle: Mark Zukerberg - who made his billions exploiting the personal information of millions for profit - claims Apple's business model – designing products that people want – is 'ridiculous'. 
Tic Toc, Tickle The Clock: The government will shut down on Dec 12 if the GOP does not let Congress pass another temporary funding measure by then. The red-meat right wants to hold the country hostage to force Obama to reverse much of Obamacare and all of the recent immigration amnesty order.

Kryptonite: A bunch of barking dogs ruined a raid by US special operations troops and led to the death of 13 during a failed rescue attempt in Yemen. 
Freedom To: Republicans, the party of individual rights that deplores government rules and regulations that interfere with our freedoms, plans to push a bill through the next Congress that would prohibit abortions after the 20th week of gestation, nation-wide. 
Daylight: The things the CIA and others have done in our name with the blessing of Bush and Chaney and the encouragement of some very twisted lawyers, will be greeted with waves of revulsion when the “Torture Report” is made public. Rightfully so. 
Stimulating, Very Stimulating: The EU has drawn up a draws up a €1.3 trillion infrastructure investment plan ranging from housing renewal in Netherlands, to electric car charging stations in Germany and a fast-rail system in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Just in case six years of austerity doesn't work pretty damned soon.

This Just In! Larry Summers has discovered that Americans have lost faith in companies and politicians and government. They lost faith in Larry Summers some time ago. 
Windmills: It seems the best way to increase home purchases is to reduce or eliminate down payments. Of course it's also the best way to increase foreclosures later on. That's why Fannie Mae has approved lowering the down payment requirement to 3%. This could be the start of something big.

Porn O'Graph: Supply Price and Demand.

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