Thursday, December 3, 2015

SAR #15337

Motivation: Research suggests that as the global climate warms, human fertility may fall. But not soon enough.
The Return Of The Magi: The US is planning to deploy 150 special operations soldiers to Iraq to fight against the Caliphate there and in Syria. Iraqi's Prime Minister and Shi'ite militias have pledged to fight the US soldiers when they arrive.
Selfies: The Greek taxpayer has been told that beginning in 2016 cash, jewelry and precious stones held at home (or in mattresses) over certain values will have to be reported to the government. This old thing, oh, it's just paste, darling.
Exhibit A: The promises made in Paris will primarily be enforced through the public pressure put on countries that fail to meet their goals. An example of the effectiveness of such public pressure is Japan, which has just set out to kill over 300 whales, for no valid reason and despite a global ban on Antarctic whaling.
Onward And Upward; Manufacturing in the US contracted in November at the fastest pace since we entered the Great Recession. Don't bother Ms. Yellen, she's busy managing the recovery.
Oops: The US admits that Mustaafa al-Aziz al-Shamiri's 13 year incarceration at Guantánamo was a case of mistaken identity. He was the wrong guy and should never have been arrested. And he's eligible for a hearing to determine if he's served enough time for our mistake.
Seasons Greetings: Donald Trump says that in order to defeat the Caliphate we will have to "take out their families."
Being Right: Pope Francis says that fundamentalism is "a disease" common to all religions. It's the "first stone" principle. He also sees the world committing suicide if a comprehensive and effective climate agreement is not signed in Paris.
Bottom Line: Senator James 'Snowball Jim' Inhofe, chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, says that global climate change is God's doing, not man's. So relax and enjoy it.
Back Burner: Satellite photos have recorded more than 130,000 "fire hotspots" in Indonesia this year. The CO2 emitted by these fires exceeded the combined emissions from Brazil, Canada, Germany, Japan and the UK. All to make palm oil to make us fatter. And not covered by any global warming treaty. The heads of these companies should stand trial for crimes against humanity.
The Plot, Thickened: A femme fatale working for Italian secret service is appointed by the Pope to a commission tasked with cleaning up the Vatican's sleazy financial entanglements, where she seduces a Spanish priest on the commission, then uses her insider knowledge of Vatican affairs to blackmail former Italian prime minister, the billionaire playboy Silvio Berlusconi. Pope Francis sums it all up with"I think an error was made."
Porn O'Graph: We were there.


rjs said...

Hotter weather could reduce human fertility?

i suppose that's why the birth rates are highest in Latin America, Africa and India, while they're low in the Scandinavian countries, Canada and Russia...

kwark said...

RE "motivation": Starvation has the annoying tendency to reduce fertility and increase infant mortality. Fatalities associated with riots or full-blown war over limited food and water are another matter.

Anonymous said...

Traveling with gifts of mirth...