Saturday, December 5, 2015

SAR #15339

The Road Home: How will the Fed raise interest rates? Back of the envelope scribbling suggests that driving up the price of money by 0.25% would take the equivalent of a reverse repo of $800 billion. Quietly and without disturbing the sheep.
The Long Haul: Last year the cops in the US took more stuff from people than burglars did.
Present At The Creation: Retired Gen. Michael Flynn, former head of US special forces says that the “Islamic State would not exist if Bush didn’t invade Iraq.” And that the emotional response to 9/11 led to “disastrous military policies that failed to address the root causes of terrorism.” Golly gee.
Delivery: In the long run it is not Turkey that is buying the Caliphate's oil (and the Kurd's oil - which is essentially stolen from Iraq), it is the Western oil powers who – through their political control - permit and encourage Turkey, with the goal of ending up themselves in control of "every possible oil asset in Iraqi Kurdistan and then in “liberated” Syria.
Over There: In Lithuania, government provided public wifi has an average speed of 16.1 Mbps, the best in the world. How much you paying for your slow connection?
Step Two: Along with requiring every Greek to tell the government how much cash, gold and jewelry is tucked away at home, the government is also edging toward a cashless society, were everything is done with credit cards tied to bank accounts – all under the watchful eye of the tax collectors from Berlin.
Grin and Bear It: The Bureau of Laughable Statistics claims that unemployment has remained at 5% - and never mind that the employment to population ratio is stuck at 58.3%.
Musical Chairs: Investment banks say that the last best hope for the ailing metals mining industry is for the big guys to continue producing even at a loss, in hopes of driving smaller, less profitable and more highly leveraged companies out of business. See also: The oil business.  Capitalism at its best.
The Assassination Bureau: US-led special operations units are “finding and killing a mid- to high-level Islamic State leader every two days.

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Gegner said...

Let's begin with my hair is NOT on fire, I have come to accept the old adage that goes "How fortunate is it for our leaders that their followers don't think?"

Capitalism is bad enough without the more recent emphasis on the Libertarian variety of "hooray for me and F*** YOU!!!" capitalism.

It is obvious the system doesn't work (for most of us, works just fine for the few that exploit it.) The just over 50% labor force participation rate tells us without equivocation that the system doesn't work for roughly half the population!

More disturbing is how there is no mention of 'alternatives' to the current malfunctioning and soon to be defunct operating model.

It is amusing to see the 'one trackers' put forth variations of the current broken system, implying capitalism (a system based on endless perpetual growth) isn't broken, we're merely doing it 'wrong'.

When nature demands that we focus on 'sustainable'...with an emphasis on escaping this tired old planet A.S.A.P.

Money is funny, the goal is real (and attainable. $ are a figment of your imagination...all resources are free from nature.)

If we are to survive as a species, we need to realign our priorities while there are still enough helping hands to do the job!