Tuesday, December 1, 2015

SAR #15335

Liberté, égalité, fraternité ou la mort
Turkish Delight: Turkey's behavior, internal and external, is understandable when considered in terms of Erdoğan's main goals: to prevent the formation of a Kurdish state, the removal of Assad and the concomitant victory of the Caliphate's forces (which explains why he had the Russia jet shot down) and the establishment of a religious-tinged dictatorship in Turkey with him at the helm. This requires that he completely control the press in the country – to the point of jailing journalists who print truthful but sensitive news and arresting generals who don't assist him in his desire to provide arms to Assad's enemies. Even “insulting” Erdoğan is a crime.
Erdoğan has turned the migrant crisis into a profit center, extorting €3 billion from the EU plus a promise of postive progress on Turkish membership in the EU in return for stopping the flow of refugees and migrants transiting Turkey on their way to Europe. The migrant flood will not stop and the EU will not admit Turkey, but the €3 billion will quickly disappear.
The US has long been aware of Turkey's ongoing oil trade with the Caliphate, and the role that Erdoğan's family plays in the trade, but pretends that no oil wells have been bombed for fear of the ecological damage that such attacks might cause.
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Oh, Shoot! Tea Party Sweetheart Ted Cruz claims that Robert Dear, the latest Planned Parenthood shooter, was “registered as an independent and a woman and transgendered leftist activist” (he was none of those things) and that pretending that the Republican assualt on women's rights had anything to do with the assault on “the ongoing criminal enterprise” called Planned Parenthood was simply “vicious rhetoric on the left blaming those who are pro-life”. Elsewhere, the Republican head of the House Homeland Security committee, the virulently anti-abortion Michael McCaul, said that shooting up a Planned Parenthood was not “domestic terrorism” but a form of free speech. And House Majority Leader Republican Kevin McCarthy said that a government shutdown over Planned Parenthood is unlikely now because it is much cheaper and easier to let gunmen shut them down one at a time.
A Star Is Born: Fox news has announced the creation of a new religion composed of "Christian White Republicans.”
Toward A More Perfect Union: Senator Orrin Hatch (Religious Nut, UT) says that while the 1st Amendment prohibits Congress – and only Congress – from establishing a religion or prohibiting the free exercise of religion, nothing in the Constitution would prevent a State or city from establishing Christianity as the official religion, and prohibiting the practice of any other form of religion.
War Some More: War Lovers John McCain and Lindsey Graham want to invade Syria with a force of 100,000 foreign troops led by 20,000 US mercenaries soldiers.


McMike said...

re a religion of christian white republicans. Maybe she meant the KKK?

re John & Lindsay's excellent misadventurism. What the heck, I say let's do it. Might as well double (triple?) down on destroying our military, our finances, and our credibility, while agitating even further - without repairing - the toxic cauldron of grievances, rage, poverty, blood vengeance, refuges, political instability, corruption, and armed rootless young men.

re Orrin hatch's a plan. Would that be a big-S or little-s "state religion" then?

Re the shooter. God help me I must keep reminding myself that actually innocent people are actually being killed, just to bring us this terrific theater of the deeply absurd self-parody.

re Turkey. Wherein the pretenses are finally almost entirely dropped, and NATO, EU, and sundry platitudes don't even pretend to stand for anything anymore. it's refreshing, in a sick sort of way.

Gegner said...

Um, re the whole stinking mess: Imagine the 'Daisy Chain' of collapse once the frustration level reaches 110%. Don't even want to speculate on where it will tip over first.

Worse is what's waiting in the wings to take advantage of the chaos (as McMike posits, an American Taliban or worse) run by the same bunch that exported our economy to line their own pockets.

Global pandemic won't be the half of it.