Wednesday, November 9, 2016

SAR 16314

No comment.

I am no longer amused.

The blog will remain open for a few days.

Relocation advice would be welcome.

           … and thanks for all the fish.


dodahman said...

the world will survive and so will we...
The R's own whatever happens the next four years....
And the D's can think about what just happened...

G-fan said...


The world will survive this,
and we will not survive what either candidate would have done and not done to address climate change, so moot point there.

Trump probably will lower your chances of not being killed by angry locals post migration since he's less likely to either start a nuclear war or try regime change. In either case Gringos will not be welcome with open arms just because they voted for a woman who had nuns and civil rights activist in South America assassinated for interfering with American interest, nor because they cheered when Black Africans were massacred in Libya along with Qaddafi. (yeah, the American press never reported that, after all they were black).

in other words, it's about time you guys had to live through a very mild version of what you've been doing to the rest of the world for the past 100 or so years. Stay home, Gringo.

The Seditionist said...

Nothing for Dems to think about. Party's dead on the federal level.

Charles, I'll miss, you but I understand.

There is no hope possible after a complete and total defeat. We've been crushed. We just have each other. And the people who elected Trump will get what they deserve. Karma will be fast and brutal. All we can do and must do is take care of and help ourselves.

Winter has come.

origin said...

More than ever, thoughtful commentary and insight will be important. I hope you'll continue to provide that for as long as you can.

As to relocation advice, it depends on what you're fleeing. If it's climate change, I doubt there's anywhere safe. If it's American hegemony, I don't think there's much hope there, either. If it's economic collapse, again, I doubt anywhere will be immune. If it's the possibility of negative impact from new laws here in 'Murica, then there are many options, but not a lot of good ones.

Anonymous said...

Charles, thank you for your voice and giving so many of us a home.

Anonymous said...

The Seditionist has got it just precisely wrong.
It's only after a complete & total defeat that the possibility of salvation appears. The Democrat party has totally alienated the working and middle class -- even the chattering elements that remain among the smoking ruins are there more for inertia and arrogance than any sense of mission.
Remember, Hillary was the agent of the Deep State hegemony and the MSM was her guide. Let's see how things work out with DJT, he's not a true oligarch, but he knows them well enough to put the fear of justice into them.
You may no longer be amused, but we still are -- hang in there.

Anonymous said...

we have a commander in chief who is a climate change denier and has said he will pull us out of the paris agreement. plague, famine death and destruction is baked in. relocation? i think it is too late for that. yes there will be zones of survivability but there will also be mass migration to those areas. with the attendant chaos. and the new boss believes jobs that went to china, and then vietnam and bangladesh and on and on are, can, will be brought back. news flash to all. artificial intelligence will soon be capable of meeting and or exceeding human performance on tasks even as complex as teaching, brain surgery, driving a car, picking fruit, building a name it. the electorate is fundamentally mis-informed by a corporate press that views news as infotainment. we are in deep , deep trouble. quite frankly i don't know what to do. the corporatist climate deniers are firmly in charge. and they have a stasi state on steroids ( (the advantage of digital mass surveillance) to their advantage. we re in deep voodoo. here in WA, we passed an initiative which i helped write, that calls upon congress to get big money out of elections and turn back the flawed notion of corporate personhood. AS one of over 1000 unpaid volunteers, i gathered over 5000 signatures to get this on the ballot. last night we "won"...the initiative passed with nearly a 64% yes vote. I-735. but against the backdrop off a trump presidency and republican party in full control of all three branches of government...maybe, likely we achieved a pyrrhic victory. i weep for my country and the entire planet. most people i know care more, and are better informed about the local football or baseball team than governance. we have doomed ourselves. CK... after a time of reflection, and healing i hope you will offer continue this website, however you wish , on a scale maybe less demanding of your time, such that your followers can tag news stories and exchange ideas. you haver provided an invaluable service. many thanks.
michael from olympia, washington.

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

buddha's 5 comtemplations

no one escapes

separation from the ones and things you love
the consequences of your good and evil actions


may the creative forces of the universe stand beside us, and guide us, through the night with the light from above


"you never know when something surprising might happen" - falsely attributed to yogi berra

Anonymous said...

Don't give up! As a progressive who could not find it in her (white, college-educated, middle-aged) self to support Hillary, I am convinced the Democratic Party will have to come back to the left and leave behind its elite-supporting neoliberal economic policies. And if it doesn't, well, then we progressives will have to take back the populist title from the Republicans on our own. They won't wear it well anyway.

Jesse said...

We have seen worse, even in my short lifetime, and certainly in that of our parents and grandparents.

This is the point where you find your 'inner man,' and carry on because it is your obligation and your calling.

And for those with a comedic or cynical bent, the next four years will be a treasure trove of absurdity.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

origin seems to be right - there's no where to run.

After a long illness, the American Dream has died.

I am feeling so sorry for all the little girls out there - and for the little boys - who may have just lost things they never knew they needed. I fear that all those racist, sexist, white people who think Trump is going to return them to the good old days are loading their guns, ironing their sheets, and buying rope -- and doing so with glee and the idea that it will all be acceptable and righteous.

Remember that fascism comes before feudalism...


Gegner said...

As much as I'd like to find a tiny ex-pat community out there, If I can't walk to it I'm not getting there. [Closest border is Canada and I don't think I'll be able to convince them I'm worthy of asylum...]

We may have complained about Obama but now we have a real 'wild card' on our hands. Mahar is 'predicting' the next step is the Brown-shirts [Hitler's 'solution' to unemployment]

Will our 'modern Nazis' alter their playbook or will they follow the 'tried & true'?

For Jesse's sake I can only hope that we're laughing about this 100 days from now but what do I know, I'm still baffled by 'Great Again'?

Like the war on Terra, will we know it when we see it?

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Is the American Democracy strong enough to survive Donald J. Trump? What American democracy? Obama wrongly urges unity, claiming “we are American's first." Wrong. Now we are white or non-white first, male or second class citizens first, straight or disenfranchised, True Believers in Our Lord Jesus Christ or infidels liable to be deported.

It's not just the women who are going to be grabbed by the pussy.


Anonymous said...

Seems like I recall all this "relocation" talk when Bush the Junior arrived.

But, Bush left, the perpetual war in the sandbox continued - gleefully - under Obama (and Hillary), the loot keep moving to the top, and AND the exact same thing was happening in the UE, New Zealand, Australia, and every place else that smart-n-savvy people exist.

Maybe, someday, the less smart-n-savvy people will figure-out government (and corporations) are ALWAYS run by the smart-n-savvy people who ALWAYS figure-out ways to use the power of government (and corporations) to screw the dumb-n-clueless. (But, if the dumb-n-clueless DID figure this out... well, SOMEBODY, has be smarter-n-savvier than others...)

Anonymous said...

Peh, anyone who thinks the queen of fracking was really going to do what was necessary to solve Climate Change is deluded.

No matter which of the 2 walking egos was elected, humanity is doomed. Frankly, even if a Bernie Sanders / Jill Stein type had won, I don't think the systems would have allowed him to do enough. Baring a breakthrough in something like dirt cheap fusion, the game is over.

Anonymous said...

Chomsky spot on as usual, worth starting at the beginning, but like linked a starting time which shows we're pretty much doomed back in May. The only point he seems to be wrong about is the very small glimmer of optimism he shows mid way.

Per the earlier comments, its way to late.

peter said...

maybe try
I would live in Tassie in a heartbeat, if only I could find a job for myself.I live in Melbourne, not far from there.
But Tassie.....much nicer

Anonymous said...

Someone, somewhere (maybe Jesse on his blog) said that the powers that be would blow the whole thing up before they'd give an inch to the rest of us. Bernie had a lot of moon shots, but in reality maybe he could have gotten Glass-Stegal re-instituted. That was too much. Never an inch. The only silver lining is that the Debbie Weiserman-Shultzes, Donna Brazille's, Nanci Pelosi's, The Clinton's, and Diane Feinstein's day's are numbered. The democratic party will try to project the blame for awhile, but the elections will keep coming like waves and these people need to be purged away and replaced people who have the backbone to spend a career in power without being corrupted. I think Elizabeth Warren ought to survive this thing with a lesson learned, but up and comers like Tulsi Gabbard give me to some optimism. Bernie spent a lifetime in power and isn't rich.

CKM your blog is invaluable. I hope you'll continue, but I understand if you cannot.

Gegner said...

Appreciate that it's difficult to do what we do on a daily basis in the face of such colossal STUPIDITY [Although I suspect the 'Trump Victory' was 'manufactured', once again the owners of our 'free press' decided the winner in secret and made us believe that's how the vote went.

What is this the FOURTH CONSECUTIVE 'too close to call' election where, against ALL LOGIC conservative incumbents retain their seats in Congress YET NOBODY smells a RAT?

Let me ask you all just one more time.


If the answer comes back as 'I don't know?' then we're all scroomed!

Can you say STRIKE?

Tulsatime said...

See, the campaign was all conducted, at least by Trump, in pro wrestling style. And now that he won, he will lapse back into the polished smart business (HAHA !) professional we all wish he was. Maybe we can blame the coming collapse on him, and history will call it the TrumDepression...??

Professor Doomfinger said...

Don't relocate - the best beer is here in the U.S.

Classof65 said...

Please stay until the swearing in. I need something to depend upon while I try to figure out what to do now...

Anonymous said...

In reading David Brooks' column this morning I briefly felt an odd sense of satisfaction that Trump won. I have no idea how Brooks ascended to his golden throne, but the narrative he weaves of American society, even after this defeat, is no more complex than an evening sitcom.

He still doesn't understand that he is part of what was rejected in this election. Really, he is the embodiment of it. He's not a particularly good or clever writer, yet by channeling the party line of the elite class he is allowed to live as one of them. The rest of us are not provided that option. Only a single mouthpiece is needed. Unless you are a doctor, lawyer, or some such; you are exposed to competition for your job by the entire global population. I don't support Trump one iota, but I also do not conflate the desire for some worker protections with racism. David Brooks blaming misogyny or racism for Hillary's loss, or Trump's win, is to project the absolute and utter failure of the democratic party to address the conditions of living in America. It's not Hillary's fault for she was not hiding who she is or who had bought her soul (or for how much!). It was the fault of people who ensured her nomination to be the candidate. David Brooks is part of that apparatus that has tentacles in essentially every bastion of power in this country. We can protest trump until the next election, but that power apparatus will continue to foist bought candidates into contention until we turn our attention to the David Brooks's that put them there in the first place.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

For all the do-this do-that floating around I fear the real first step is being ignored. We cannot 'strike' - we're the people we'd be striking against. Protest much beyond writing on bathroom walls will soon be a federal offense, with the forces of lawnorder quite happy to administer street-level justice.

Childish temper tantrums will not help.

First things first: Decapitate and repopulate the DNC with actual people-oriented people, not brainwashed members of the neoliberal cult and/or Clinton worshipers. Then do away with 'superdelegates' within the party. A party of all the people, all treated equally.

Sounds easy. Won't be.