Monday, July 29, 2013

SAR #13210

"The definition of infinity is that you wait long enough, everything happens." Lloyd Blankfein

Civics Lesson: The Egyptian military has killed at least 65 72 in its offensive against clashes with Muslim Brotherhood supporters of the deposed Mohammed Morsi. According to some witnesses, "most were shot in the face." Citizenship training is expected to continue and intensify in the coming days.

Repeat After Me: Edward Snowden is not the story, the story is what he told us about the way Big Brother spies on us - and everyone else - 24/7.

Handy Formula: Each degree Centigrade of global warming will raise global sea levels by more than 6 feet. Not tomorrow or next week, but CO2 stays in the atmosphere a very long time and as the decades and centuries pass, it keeps trapping warmth, melting icecaps and expanding the oceans. Once it gets to the atmosphere, it is persistent and the resulting rise in sea levels is inevitable.

FYI: In case you hadn't noticed, "inequality of opportunity begins at birth." 
Another Brick In The Wall: Feudalism was not replaced by capitalism because the peasants were demonstrating in the streets. Nor was the change brought on by well-intentioned government regulations. "It happened because a sequence of smallish individual actions - often without consciousness of their full effects - meant that, eventually, people found better things to do than obey feudal lords. Perhaps the transition from capitalism will occur in a similar way."

Gimmie Re-Write: The GOPers are aghast that President Obama would mention Ho Chi Minh's well established admiration of America's Founding Fathers. It's a historical fact, but only in the reality based world.

Correlation Is Not Causation: The American Family Association of KY claims that banning school prayer has resulted in lower SAT scores and an increase in teen pregnancy by 500% and STDs by exactly 226%. There has also been an increase in the number of people who have lost their appreciation for the difference between causality and coincidence. And an increase in making up numbers, too.

Wasn't His Dog: German president Joachim Gauck says whistleblowers like Edward Snowden merit respect, unlike Chancellor Merkel who's all for stringing him up.

Proof/Pudding: While no one knows quite how it's supposed to work nor how Ben's going to get down off this particular horse, quantitative easing is the panacea of the day. All that is clear so far is that it is a boon to the banksters and financial services industry. And that's enough to ensure it is termed a success and continued for quite some time.

Reality Check: Despite Republican claims, only a handful of employers actually have cut workers' hours because of Obamacare's provisions. But reality has a well known penchant for embarrassing Republicans.

Onward Christian Soldiers: The USMC has officially decided that a "lack of spiritual faith" is a sign of instability in soldiers, one that may keep them from killing in the name of Mammon, if not God.

Enough Said: Noises in tourist's head were from flesh-eating maggots.

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Proof/Pudding- The medicine is quickly become the disease, as evidenced by the recent sharp rise in US Treasury yields.