Wednesday, July 10, 2013

SAR #13191

No reasonable investor would take us seriously.” Standard &Poor.

We've Been Warned: James Comey, Obama's nominee to head the FBI says “it’s very important for the next director to continue the transformation of the FBI into an intelligence agency”. Or, given the Bureau's track record, a disinformation agency, which would fit in with the Justice Department's opinion that “the public has no right to know what the secret court is ruling on” nor what secret laws it operates under. He is, however, not going to waterboard people. Other agencies do that.

Same, But Different? In three days, radiation in the groundwater beneath Fukushima has increased 90 times. Not 90% more, 90 times more. Oh, and 23 of the nuclear power plants in the US are virtually identical to those that worked out so well at Fukushima.

It Can Too Happen Here: Midwestern farmers are back to spreading plain old chemical poisons on their corn crops because the insects have evolved immunity to Monsanto's Bt Corn. Same thing is happening worldwide.

Odd Odds: The chances of someone arrested by the FBI as a terrorist actually being a terrorist are one in a hundred. Feel safer now?

Money To Burn:The poorest three billion people on earth – that's a tad less than half of us - account for about 7% of all carbon emissions. Wouldn't you know, the richest 7% account for about half. Gives me an idea...

Technical Difficulties: One of the Commerce Department's outfits had two computers infected with common malware, so they destroyed over 140 computers plus associated printers, monitors and even the mouses. Better safe than sorry. Now they're sorry they're so safe.

New Revised Version: The IMF has once again revised (downward) its prediction for global GDP growth, from 3.3 to 3.1% for this year. It also revised its prediction for US GDP downward, to 1.7% for the year, while it sees the euro area contracting 0.6%.

On The Clock:Kelly Services, the temporary work people, is the nation's second largest employer. Walmart is, of course, our largest civilian paymaster. Maybe that's why one in six Americans are on food stamps.

Bug/Feature: Some are complaining that the Trans-Pacific Partnership gives corporations the right to sue nations over any law, regulation or court ruling that might harm the corporation's profits.

Success Story: Before the executives looted Hostess and drove it out of business, a fork operator at the Twinkies factory made $16.53 an hour. Today, under the new, non-union Hostess, the same job pays $11.00 an hour. Enjoy.

Stop Me Before I... In Oklahoma a man has been arrested for peeping from under an outhouse toilet.

Fraudulent Fraud: South Carolina's State Law Enforcement Division has been unable to find a single instance of the “zombie voting” that Republican Governor Haley and friends have been crusading against.

Porn O'Graph: IMF tea leaves.

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TulsaTime said...

I hate to see any news about Fukushima, because you just know things are 3 times worse than the perception managers will admit. That should be a full blown panic emergency, not just in Japan, but world wide.

But we can't let little things like nuclear meltdown get in the way of business and profits. All the doomsday talk is way overblown, like the climate change, just a bunch of liberal scare tactics.

And I wonder why some days just seems futile to get up...