Tuesday, July 9, 2013

SAR #13190

I want neither health insurance nor health care near as much as I want health.

You Say Potahto: Temporary candidate to be Egypt's temporary leader Mohamed ElBaradei non-explained the situation: “Let me make one thing clear: This was not a coup. ...the situation was no longer acceptable... It was outside the legal framework, but we had no other choice.”

Leaderslip: Germany, the industrial colossus propping up the euro, reports a 3.2% decline in export growth, propelled by a 9.6% drop in sales to its eurozone partners who make up 40% of its export market. Worst numbers since 2009.

The Rapture Will Be Postponed: BP and Shell are abandoning four separate biofuel development projects because they would not be economical until after 2020. Or until its too late, whichever come first.

Through A Glass Darkly: Barclays says it is “increasingly likely” that China will slump to a 3% GDP growth rate within the next three years. Place your bets.

Protect & Serve: The California Department of Eugenics Corrections and Rehabilitation 'wrongly' sterilized nearly 150 female inmates between 2006 and 2010 (and perhaps another 100, dating to the mid-1990s). But only those the Department thought would be jailed again and didn't want them to have to be separated from their kids.

Warm-up Question: Between the coal industry and everyone else, who will win? How many divisions does the Pope have?

Overslight: Norway's Statoil neglected to mention for over two years that 3,400 tons of chemicals and oily water it had injected into a North Sea oilfield had leaked onto the seafloor. An oversight.

Beneath Comment: The University of Denver's School of International Studies has given George Bush an award for “Improving the Human Condition.” Who says lawyers don't have a sense of humor?

Keeping Score: Adults are still shooting children twice as fast as children are killing each other with adults' guns.

Making Haste, Slowly: On the heels of all the excitement about adding 200,000 new jobs last month, let us point out that if we can keep that up every month for the next five years, we will be back where we were in 2006 before all this fell apart. But that may never happen.

Can You Hear Me Now? For a decade or so scientists have been saying that global warming would bring more heat and more droughts, resulting in more and more destructive forest fires. They're still saying it.

Market Farces: Goldman Sachs has cut its forecast for natural gas from $4.50/mmBtu to $3.85/mmBtu in 2013Q3, due to 'an unexpected surge in production'. Prices have already dropped 12% since May. Others see natgas prices rising as the weather moderates. How this all plays out when the natgas shale bonanza costs about $8.00/mmBtu is an interesting question, one that suggests over 60% of the natgas resources in North America cannot be profitably produced.  Bonanza or banzai?

Translation, Please: “Whenever downside risks get large, real outcomes averaged through time are much worse than the expected value would predict.”

Porn O'Graph: Mortgage rates have soared – back to 2011 levels, gasp.

The Parting Shot:


Past their sell-by date.


Drew Dowdell said...

Keeping Score: I hope the guns are ok.

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

re Keeping Score:

a gun kept in the home is more likely to injure or kill a resident of the home than it is to injure or kill an intruder

TulsaTime said...

Slow Haste- i loved the breakout of the jobs added from a few days ago, Hospitality, Service, negative Manufacuring AND Information....we will need serious help with 5 more years of that.

The natgas farce is on a REAL short leash. As soon as the market dips for real all those rigs will be gone and the press will have to find a replacement boogey man for fracking.

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