Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SAR #13198

Read old books for insight, not authority. 
Fever: In June the US economic recovery tracked at a blazing 1.6% annualized CPI growth rate. And to think they laughed when Ben sat down to play the piano.

What He Said: Former World Bank economist Charles Kenny notes that Homeland Security “is a monument to paranoia, waste, and inefficiency.” And they said he didn't learn anything working at the World Bank.

Compromising Positions: The Senate "compromised" in that the Republicans agreed to curb their use of the filibuster on executive branch nominations and the Democrats agreed to let the Republicans keep blocking everything else. The Democrats didn't so much compromise as simply back down once again, as they've been doing for quite some time now. The majority has once more let the minority wag the dog.

Play It As It Lies: Armed Services Chair Sen. Carl Levin is incorrect when he says the only way to hold National Intelligence Director and noted perjurer James Clapper accountable is for the President to fire him. After all, ordinary folks who lie under oath go to jail.

Privatization: What do you call a company that gets 99% of its revenue selling intelligence and security to the federal government and using the profits on campaign contributions in order to increase its revenue? a) Edward Snowden's employer Booz Allen Hamilton. b) Booz Allen Hamilton. c) The Carlyle Group' Booz Anne Hamilton.

One Shoe: The Federal Energy Regulatroy Commission has ordered Barclays and four of its former employees to pay $487.9 million in fines and civil penalties for manipulating energy prices in CA, AZ, NM and WA. Now if we can get them into a criminal court....

No Taxation Representation: The US has defeated an international attempt to tax international corporations, such as Amazon and Google, that own a significant number of Washington politicians, claiming that taxing such such corporations should be phased in slowly - over then next century or two.

Good Question: What does it mean to "believe" something? 
The Parting Shot:
Wood sage, Teucrium canadense

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