Monday, July 15, 2013

SAR #13196

What part of “reasonable doubt ” don't you understand?

Re: Appraisal: Between 2000 and 2007, appraisers - individually and as a group - told Washington that lenders were pressuring them to falsify their appraisals by placing artificially high prices on houses. Honest appraisers were being blacklisted and only 'cooperative' appraisers given business. The U.S. government did nothing in response. Lenders were overwhelmingly the source of mortgage fraud. None has gone to jail for tanking the entire economy. What did you do in the war, Daddy?

Travel Advisory: Women are cautioned against traveling to or through Texas.

Field Test: "We’re using our borderlands and those undocumented migrants as an excuse to build, experiment with a new kind of surveillance state, drones included. And count on it, too: one of these days, maybe tomorrow, some version of that surveillance state will make it to your hometown, no matter how far you are from any border." Think of it as tryouts, like the Spanish Civil War.

You - And They - Were Warned: The austerity-inspired economic recovery in the whole of southern Europe has failed, the population's tolerance of the failed extreme austerity measures has worn thin; the entire enterprise "is near collapse." 
Sweetener: The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency reports that "foreclosure review checks" averaging $871 each have been mailed to 3.9 million families to make them feel beter abaout having been illegally evicted from their homes through fraudulent foreclosures by the well paid and highly admirable banksters at Citi, BofA, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, Chase and Goldman Sachs. You want fries with that?

Mummy's The Word: Evidence keeps rolling in that a widely based conspiracy - from the youth in the streets to the Egyptian military and judiciary, some weathly citizens and well-heeled neighbors and - of course - Washington, worked to cripple Morsi's reign. But Morsi's brought it on himself through his attempts to consolidate power and install Sharia Law.

Finely Printed: A new Missouri law requires that a physician be physically "present for any drug-induced abortion." Which can (and will) be construed to cover Plan B.

Some Questions: How sovereign are western nations vis-à-vis the Anglo-American establishment? Or any other nation? Have banks assumed the role of government, without proper accountability to the people? How complacent (and complicit) are the people in all this? If you get all the answers right, you'll get a gold star. In seven years.

Fact or Assertion? 'Solar power cheaper than coal.' 
Porn O'Graph: Stamping on unemployment.

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