Saturday, October 18, 2014

SAR #14290

Three infected, one dead! Run! Hide! 
This Time It's Different: Generally a big drop in the price of oil reflects hard economic times – the world's economy runs on oil after all. But Ciitigroup claims this time is different, that the plunge in oil prices will have the same stimulus effect as $1.1 trillion in government spending. Hope so, 'cause we're not going to see no $1.1 trillion government stimulus. But oil dropped like a rock in 2008 and the economy didn't seem to notice.

Danger, Sharp Turns Ahead: The Treasury and Transportation Departments held a conference with private companies and investors to discuss “Expanding Our Nation's Infrastructure Through Innovative Financing". The meeting ended with the hosts urging their guests to make an offer, everything must go.

Free Press: A New Zealand journalist with ties to some of Snowden's documents who has been working with The Intercept, a blog devoted to governmental spying on citizens, had his home raided by 'authorities'.

Who's Sorry Now? According to a letter the Nashville chief of police sent to the House Oversight Committee, US Secret Service agents asked his officers to fake a warrant for them, and when he complained to their DC supervisors they “did not seem to care.” Bet they do now.

Perception: The number of American workers filing for unemployment benefits has fallen to a 14-year low. The good times are back, the employment picture is better than ever and we've a chicken in every pot – according to the government figures.

Either/Or: Do the markets know something you don't, and the stock market drop is just a minor correction, or is reality finally seeping into Wall Street's consciousness?

We're Fucked:Ebola virus has been isolated from semen 61 to 82 days after the onset of illness, and transmission through semen has occurred 7 weeks after clinical recovery.”

It Was All His Fault: Former Bush administration officials are claiming it was Karl Rove's decision to withhold information about the discarded chemical weapons being found in Iraq from the public. He, and he alone, was responsible. They all say.

Datapoint: Young black men in the US are 21 times more likely than their white counterparts to be killed by police. They make up less than 20% of the population of young men, so do the math.


Anonymous said...

Small nitpick: The fact that black men are 21 times more likely to be killed bears no relation whatsoever to their percentage in the population. So your last sentence is misleading.

Derek said...

2 thoughts this fine Sunday afternoon in California:
Those who are cheering the lower oil prices are conveniently ignoring the fact that getting tight oil out of rocks miles deep, the blessed fracking revolution-leading-to-energy-independence, cost a lot more than the selling price of the oil back in the bad old days of oil over $100/barrel. then the shortfall was funded with debt; guess that means that the lower price of oil today demands that the tight oil producers, already a flaky lot, get to fleece more investors, I mean borrow even greater sums of money from the last, greater fools. more debt than we already have: sounds like a sustainable plan to some...
Then, the ebola and a 3-month contagious window. I saw but haven't yet confirmed that both HIV and Ebola showed up in Africa in the 1970s at nearly the same time. They also, it is said, use a unique-among-viruses method of reproduction. funny that two viruses sharing a unique and critical characteristic would appear in a place well-known for bio-weapon testing. ow we discover that Ebola, like HIV, is transmissible during sex. Still think this is Nature, not the US military, doing the R&D?

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Derek - your oil comment is dead on. i think the US military/AIDS/Ebola conspiracy theory is, at best, speculative. And yes, I still think Mother Nature is out to get us. After all, we are a huge biomass just waiting to be turned into food for something...