Monday, October 27, 2014

SAR #14299

Wilful ignorance is a form of implied consent.

A Little Draconian: Governors Christie (NJ) and Cuomo (NY) insist they are going to put everyone returning from West Africa who admits “contact” with Ebola victims in jail quarantine for 21 days. No trial, no charges, just forcible detention without cause or appeal. The fact you are certifiably virus-free is no defense. How is this different than kidnapping? No ransom demand.

Business As Usual: The CIA has apparently deleted all record of the agency's spying on US Senate computers. Never happened. 
Euro, or Euro Not: European banks are failing their stress tests and need another $20 billion plus in capital while Europe's economy tanks. French unemployment is at all time highs, London's ritzy housing market has caught cold, and Germany continues to pretend there's no problem it can't make worse with more austerity for others.

Evidence: In an eloquent disproof of the Intelligent Design argument, a Colorado man who had dropped a lit cigarette in his lap jumped from the car, fell, and had his own vehicle run over his head. Where's Darwin when you need him?

Out of Africa: As of Friday, 10/24, there have been 18 cases of Ebola reported outside of Africa; 4 dead, 10 recovered and 4 in treatment. Of the 18 cases, all of the dead and at least 9 others contracted the disease in West Africa. 
Here & Now: Cops say that stealing nude photos from female arrestees' phones is a ‘game’. Okay, but why are all these women driving around with nude pictures of themselves on their phones? 
Wallet Wars: It was bad enough when your Apple Pay wallet was charging you twice for everything. Now, at least at CVS and Rite Aid, you can't even get charged once. No, it is not (for once) Apple's fault. CVS and Rite Aid have the technology, they just want you to use the wireless pay system they are developing in competition with Square, Google, Softcard and Apple. Even Walmart is dragging its feet, for after all, it's their money you're carrying around. Cash is so last century. And relatively secure, too.

Greater Good: What is more dangerous for democracy – that one fraudulent vote should be counted or that one citizen is not allowed to vote? And in reality, the numbers are more likely 1 to several thousand.

Mentioned In Dispatches: The US and Great Britain have officially ended all military operations in Afghanistan. Officially. Reminds me of what the Colonel said when I pointed out that we were at least 25 clicks inside Cambodia: “There are no US troops in Cambodia.” 
You've Been Served: When officials in Stettin, WI – population 2,527 – wanted to collect an $80,000 judgment from a 75 year-old farmer, they sent 24 armed officers and an armored military vehicle. Officials said this was the fifth time the MARV had been used and that it worked like a charm.

Waddling Off To War: Only 30% of US youth meet military recruitment standards. The military is considering relaxing its requirements as more and more combat operations are run from padded swivel chairs in air conditioned offices.

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