Friday, October 31, 2014

SAR #14303

The future changes the next morning." Wm Gibson

Sticks & Stones: Secretary Kerry is upset that an anonymous US official has called Netanyahu “chickenshit”, because it was disrespectful. To chickens. 
A More Perfect Union: It is disingenuous to blame teachers and teachers' unions for not being able to overcome all the obstacles that school administrators, state and local governments and politicians of all stripes hurl in their way as they try to educate that great proportion of their students who are so poor the schools have to feed them the only two meals a day that they get, who live in broken homes and – all too often - parked cars. If teachers' unions are the problem, why is it that education in the poorly paid poorly unionized south sucks so badly? Why is it that kids taught by highly paid, mostly unionized socialist countries in Europe do so much better? Could it be the parents? The economy? The society that gives only lip service to actually caring?

On The List: Another thing global warming may bring us is the revival of ancient viral diseases that have been in the deep freeze for hundreds of years.

There'll Always Be An England: Investigation of years if not decades of the sexual exploitation of children in parts of Greater Manchester suggests that it has become the 'social norm' in parts of the city. Pity.

How Sweet It Is: Most of the four billion dollars being spent to buy the 2014 elections has come from secret donors, courtesy of the Roberts court.

A Victory for Democracy: The Ukraine elections were won by the oligarchs and various neo-Nazis. The US is pleased that the people have spoken. Exactly as they were supposed to.

Hell/Handbasket: Not to be outdone by the idiots currently in charge in Oz, where every phone call, email and internet page visited will be recorded and kept for at least two years, the newly triumphant right wing government in NZ has abolished workers' right to a tea break during the workday.

Quoted: “As I have said and will continue to say: there is something wrong with anyone who votes for the candidates of today's Republican Party.”

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