Tuesday, October 28, 2014

SAR #14300

Our biggest problem is the solutions.

Science Is Hard: TEPCO officials have acknowledged that radioactivity levels in water from a well “a few meters” from the long defunct Fukushima #2 reactor have suddenly spiked 800 or 900 times above the previous reading, nearly a 100,000% increase. They say they don't know why but are willing to blame a typhoon. Or global warming. Or maybe Taylor Swift.

Upgrade: ISIS reportedly now has Chinese-made FN-6 antiaircraft missiles, provided by our good friends in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, that can easily shoot down commercial aircraft.

Election Platform: Give the police the power to punish unemployment by imposing forced labor on the parasites. And if a farmer tries to leave the farm, strip him of everything and make him a serf, tied to the land. No, not the GOP, this is Belarussian President Lukashenko's plan. But it translates. And would be popular with a lot more here than is comfortable.

Miracle Cure: Doctor, Dictator, Governor Christie released kidnapped detainee nurse after she threatened to sue. 
Noted: 50% of American workers earn less than $28,031 a year and 39% made less than $20,000, real median US household income has declined steadily since 2000, while those making over $50 million a year got an average raise of $23.8 million last year. Anybody running for office in your neighborhood mention this?

Deal Me In: Studies indicate that certain cocoa compounds reverse age-related memory loss. Bring on the chocolate. And wine, red wine.

Volunteers: There are, it's claimed, trillions in cash around the world just waiting the call to come and fix the crumbling US infrastructure. But wait; that 'cash' isn't just sitting around doing nothing, and to get it to 'fix' US infrastructure bigger returns would be needed. Like tolls and such. Privatization, or as it's better known, screw the public.

Porn O'Graph: Back to the future.

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