Wednesday, October 22, 2014

SAR #14294

Six of One: A new study suggests that consuming lots of sugar – say by drinking lots of soda – damages your telomeres - yeah, the thingies on the ends of your chromosomes – which in turn seems to increase aging. Implies that the drinking lots of soda may not be a Good Idea. The American Tobacco Beverage Association declined an interview about the study, but insists the researchers did not find a “conclusive” link between soda and cell aging. And a couple of weeks ago it was diet soda (aspartame) that would give you Alzheimer's. Water, anyone?

Crouch Potatoes: Texas says there is no need for the EPA to regulate smog because people spend “90% of their time indoors'. Not to worry, Congressional Republicans have been paid to oppose any new EPA regulations that might improve people's health. 
Our Gang: “It just seems to me that a billionaire can come in and get whatever he wants and run roughshod over average millionaires like myself.”

Bully Pulpit: Paul Krugman suddenly discovered that Amazon has “robber-barron-type market power' over its suppliers, and finds this reprehensible and unAmerican. Duh. The whole point of capitalism is to corner the market and then use your market power to increase your profits. Just ask the Waltons. Does it hurt America? You bet. Do Americans object? Yes, but only in theory – not at the register. Did Amazon grow and prosper because of tax breaks and unfair competition? Yes, but they passed some of the savings on to their customers, so who cares? If you like capitalism, you gotta love monopolies. Why has it taken Krugman so long to catch on to the capitalists' end game? Were they discounting his books?

Classification: Did you know that one out of three Americans is listed in the FBI master criminal database? Note that this is the master list of criminals and not the list of master criminals. Are you on the list? Are you sure?

Seeds Of Doubt: The most distrusted sources for news in the US of A are: Rush Limbaugh, FOX News, Glenn Beck, MSNBC.... way down the list, after the NYTimes, come Al Jazera – after NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN. Seems pretty accurate to me. 
Hard Time: A Kentucky prison guard charged with 25 counts of sexually abusing female prisoners, selling controlled substances to inmates and 50 other counts of official misconduct has been sentenced to probation. “He’s really eager to put this behind him.

Correction: Jesus was wrong, the rich can get into heaven. In fact they go to the head of the line. We're sorry for any confusion our previjous reporting may have caused.

So-so Mobility: In today's them-vs-us society, a college degree only increases your chance of genteel poverty.

Porn O'Graph: An Apple a day.


Anonymous said...

If you get a chance to read Krugman's defense of Obama and his insistence that the Obama presidency will be looked back on by future generations as a truly remarkable and successful presidency, then you will be left to conclude that the man has suffered a severe blow to the head that has gone untreated.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Yeah, I read that bit yesterday and maybe the future will judge Obama well, but I sure don't see it and haven't for a long time. Sure the R's have frustrated him, but not as much as he's frustrated those who forgot that politicians lie to get elected.

Wait till The Hillary Machine starts with its version of an immaculate reconception..