Saturday, November 15, 2014

SAR #14318

Two Minutes Eight Years of Hate: The Republicans had only one plank in their platform for the recent elections: “We hate Obama and you do too.” There is no way to put lipstick on this pig. The Republicans, and many Democrats, ran against that black man in the White Man's House on Pennsylvania Avenue. They didn't openy advocate suppressing black and poor voters, subsidizing polluters, giving even bigger tax breaks to the ultra-rich, gutting Social Security and abolishing healthcare for everyone making less than $100 k a year. They didn't have to; running against that black fellow was all it took. It was the most openly racist campaign since Appomattox. The same sound track will be refitted to replace Barack with That Woman.

Sticks And Stones: A federal judge in New Oleans has confirmed his rulling that BP was guilty of gross negligence in connection with the Macondo rig explosion. This means BP could face $18 billion in penalties. What it means for sure is a few more years of appeals and lawyers dancing on the head of a pin.

Hide In Plain Sight: Israel is so sure it did not commit many any war crimes during the Summer War that it told the UN Human Rights investigators they did not need to come. In fact, it told them they wouldn't be let in if they did.

Plot Elements: Putin says the fleet of Russian warships off the Australian coast is conducting climate research. They're trying to see if they can influence the anti-Russian climate of the G-20. Sweden continues to maintain that “a foreign submarine” trespassed on its territory, but can't bring itself to identify the craft as Russian. The Dutch scrambled their fighters to intercept a Russian military transport plane that had violated its airspace, while Russia claims it has to patrol the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico with bombers, just to see if it can get away with it
Capital Steppes: Apple, Inc. has a market valuation greater than all of Russia.

Tracking: John Boehner demonstrated his loose grasp of reality by alleging that Obama's endorsement of net neutrality “continues to disregard the people’s will”, when the public overwhelmingly endorses net neutrality. Further, he claimed that an open level playing field “is a textbook example of the kind of Washington regulations that destroy innovation”, which can be construed as true only if finding new ways to overcharge the common people is 'innovation'. How it could possibly hamper job creation is a total mystery. 
Thought Patrol: UK internet providers have agreed to filter out of the data stream any content that the government decides people shouldn't see, in order to protect their freedom. 
Paraphrased:Tony Abbott is one dumb f*ck”

Career Advice: Together, Pimco paid Mohamed El-Erain, who ran off, and Bill Gross, who was run off, over half a billion dollars for losing money at the world's largest bond fund last year. You are in the wrong business.

Porn O'Graph: Modus operandi.

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