Monday, November 24, 2014

SAR #14327

Separated at Birth: While the AP headlined “House intel panel debunks Benghazi theories" and noted that no administration wrongdoing or lying or coverup were found. Fox headlined “ "CIA gathered intelligence on weapons to Syria: Benghazi report." and stressed that Republicans want to expand the witch hunt to a (Republican-led) Senate investigation under Lindsey Graham (Rabid-SC), who claimed “the report is full of crap.
Vacancy: First they set fire to Palestinian homes, then the government calls them abandoned and bulldozes them, then Israeli settlers move in. Any questions?

Morpheus: It's not exactly censorship, but the NY Times is certainly accommodating of the administration's sensitivities. The story about the resumption of combat operations in Afghanistan was originally headlined; “In secret, Obama extends US role in Afghan Combat.” That quickly became “Obama decided to authorize...” And you're back on the Christmas card list.

Takes One To Know One: The former leader of a rabid Christian group that claimed that prayer could “cure” homosexuality has abandoned his wive and married his male lover. We wish them every happiness.

Old Boy Network: Since at least the early 1980s, successive British governments have issued 'D-notices' prohibiting the publication of stories concerning an ongoing pedophile ring based in Parliament which included murdering young boys in order to scare others into submission and even occasionally killing their victims just because they could. And they could, knowing that all trace of the police records could and would be erased. Current attempts to trace these allegations in the official records have been frustrated because the pertinent Home Office files have gone missing.

Tell Me About The Oil, Lenny: China is reportedly ready to cut interest rates again as it struggles with deflation.

Water To Burn: The American Petroleum Institute claims that the 'typical' fracked well uses 2 to 4 million gallons of water. What they don't note is that over 250 fracked wells have used upwards of 25 million gallons of water. Each. In Texas, which is not exactly over-flowing with potable water, more than 21 billion gallons of fresh water were used for fracking during 2011.

Analysis: How many false assumptions are contained in the Fox claim that “Your kids are getting shafted” because immigrants get school lunches.

Nail/Horse/Battle: The reason you in the US do not hear more about the collapse of society in Mexico is that it is our fault and we do not want to face up to what we have done. Our demand for drugs has brought unimaginable corruption and violence to Mexico, Shame on us. Note that most of the drug trade depends on major US banks to launder their profits.

Count To Ten and Calm Down: A 12-year-old Cleavland, Ohio boy playing at a public playground was shot and killed police. He was playing with a toy gun. He did not make any threats. He did not point the gun at the officers. He was black.

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Tulsatime said...

Collapse- Mexico has theirs and we have ours. They could get a new government out of the deal, lucky cheaters. We will still be stuck with Miss Graham for the forseeable future, and the Paul twins. Trillions missing in GWOT, we better send a search party. All those frackers will need jobs post China 3% 'growth', just export SD surplus to Basra. All hail the Ukraine, we can win!