Wednesday, November 19, 2014

SAR #14322

Growing up involves becoming less and less curious about the world around us.

Prior Restraint: Shell's attempt to get the courts to prevent anyone from suing it at some time in the future for things it may do in the future was tossed out by the 9th Circuit Court, which called the effort “novel” and “unconstitutional.”

Cream/Crop: The CEOs of at least 7 of the nation's 30 largest companies made more last year (at an average of $17.3 million) than their companies paid in taxes – on a combined $75 billion in profits. In fact, as a group they paid no taxes and got back $1.9 billion in refunds. Ain't this a great country, or what?

God Bless The USA: About 1 out of every 30 children in the US (about 2.5 million) was homeless at some point during the last year. A new record. Makes me proud to cut welfare, food stamps, homeless shelters and the rest of those bleeding heart liberal social experiments. 
If, But, Then: Americans believe CEO's should make about 10 times what the average worker does and think they make 40 times the average, but in reality (assuming this is reality...) CEO's take home 350 times what you do. 
Big Wheel Keeps On Turning: Over the centuries, the gap between the rich and the poor has always grown and grown and groan and eventually resulted in revolution. Today a majority of Americans make less than $20 per hour while a handful of creeps make hundreds of millions a year. But inequality tends to be cyclical and cynical and I say off with their heads!

Encouragement: Governor Mike Pence is “ennobling” Indiana's poor people by kicking them off food stamps. They'd rather be enfooded. 
Just Do It: Worldwide there are at least 36 million people who live and work as slaves. Not all of them build skyscrapers in Dubai, clean houses in Riyadh or make stuff for Nike and Apple. 
Education, Public: After black students at Booker T. Washington high school in Norfolk, VA walked out of school when they discovered that a school official had publicly called young black men “Every white girl’s father’s worse nightmare”, which was any thinking person's nightmare.

Recalculating: In Georgia, you can kill someone who pulls into your driveway to turn around. Just claim you were afraid for your life, even if the car is backing away from you. You can stand your ground even if you have to grab your gun and run out of the house to do so.

Yes, But: "We shouldn't be lying to our students," Ruben Cortez, Texas Board of Education.  Yep, shouldn't be, but do, this being Texas and all.

Secret Sauce: Don't tell McConnell and Boehner but the government is making a profit on the $34 billion it invested in renewable energy projects.

Porn O'Graphs: The jokes are on us.

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