Thursday, November 20, 2014

SAR #14323

Suffering is an adaptive behavior.

Bottom Line: The pussy-footing climate scientists who have tiptoed around making over-abundantly sure of every little bit of evidence of global warming now insist that carbon emissions “must be abolished” by 2070. Completely. Or else. Go read the 'or else' part, because we've yet to show the slightest inclination to listen to these experts.

At The Post: "We tested the Republican ideas and they failed, they failed spectacularly." Elizabeth Warren

#Occupy: The Tanzanian government is evicting 40,000 Masai from their ancestral lands so it can be turned into a playground where the Dubai royal family can hunt big game until its all gone. The government is promising to spend $575,000 on “socio-economic development projects” in compensation. A bit more than ten bucks a head, which is more than we paid the Indians.

Quoted: There seem to be two types of German economists; those that have not read Keynes, and those that have not understood what they read.

The Ioannidis Critique: Those financial strategies that claim to beat the market don’t, and financial research papers that claim to have found patterns in financial markets haven’t. If someone has found the green jellybeans (read the article) of richness, (a) why would they tell anyone and (b) why aren't they so rich they don't have to sell the secret to you? 
Incentives: D'ya think that the secret files the NSA holds over our politicians had any influence on the defeat of legislation that would have diminished the NSA's ability to compile secret files on everyone?

Teaching Point: Private voucher and charter schools have shown no ability to improve student achievement. They do, however, excel at taking money away from public schools.

The Queen's English: For over 20 years the Birmingham City Council knowingly hid child sex crimes for fear of appearing racist. For longer than that Scotland Yard has ignored murders of children committed by a pedophile ring in Parliament.

Mission Accomplished: After 13 years, 2 official wars, any number of remote-controlled secondary wars and trillions in military spending, terrorist attacks are rising sharply. Took long enough. 
If Only: Iceland has jailed the former CEO of Landsbanki, one of the three large banks that crashed the Icelandic economy through greed and stupidity. The floor is now open for nominations.

Infrastructure: Instead of struggling to keep the corporations from holding the internet hostage and stealing all they can from the citizenry, perhaps the citizens' representatives could take back what the government invented and create a nation-wide high-speed completely free internet. Like the interstate system.

Porn O'Graph: Golden rule.


Anonymous said...

Re: Tanzania - most depressing. I feel terrible for the Masai. I suspect though this cynical, and ultimately suicidal move is to exploit what is beneath the Masai homelands, and not about hunting.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Ah, caught me. And I thought I was a cynic.