Saturday, November 1, 2014

SAR #14304

Epidemic: Electronic health records, which were supposed to reduce errors and increase positive patient outcomes, have caused errors to multiply and be enshrined in computers, and have diverted doctors' attention from the patient to the input routines. As an extra added feature, they are hackable by the same folks that hack everything else, and are most likely open to curious insurance companies. 
If... Then...But: Only if millions and millions of us rise up and demand it will a progressive agenda be pursued on state and national level. And millions of us are not about to do that. We'll be sorry later, of course.

Two Down: Virgin Galactic's suborbital space ship failed its test fllight, a day after an Antares rocket that was supposed to be lifting supplies to the International space station didn't lift off. Ah, the race to space, privatized version.

Priorities: Spending on prisons in the US is growing much faster than education budgets and nearly as fast as school privatization is draining public funds into private pockets.

Forgotten But Not Gone: Remember the great victory mankind won over the chlorofluorocarbons that were eating away at the thin ozone layer that protects us from skin cancer? The ozone hole is still the size of North America (as it was in 2010), but scientists say we are making progress. Slowly.

Global Warning: Last year, major banks around the world plowed over $80 billion into the coal industry; profits before progeny.

Purely Pyhrric: A judge has told the Ebola-free nurse hounded by governors in NJ and ME that she is free to travel anywhere she wishes, since the governors were acting “out of fear”. Well, they were certainly acting anyway. Pandering, would be more like it.

Shriveled Rights: Students in Ohio have been suspended from school and threatened with expulsion for completely legal behavior they engaged in at home involving toy guns and Facebook. No threats were made and the only bullying involved was by the school administration.
Snap, Crackle & Plop: Kellogg attributes a 31% drop in profits to a decline in US sales of its breakfast foods and snacks items. No, it's not because we are suddenly eating better at breakfast. Or any other time.

Understated Understatement: Scientists continue to complain, privately, that the IPCC continues to underestimate the degree of global warming at present and to seriously downplay the gravity of the dangers we face. Scientists may understand physics; they do not understand politics
Fairness Doctrine: Many members of the US military find a new sexual-assault survey to be intrusive, especially the questions about how often they sexually assault female soldiers. 
The Non-Singing Fat Lady: Just in time for Halloween, 200 US soldiers from Fort Stewart are heading to Afghanistan for 12-month of trick-or-treating.

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