Wednesday, January 7, 2015

SAR #15007

Everything outside of the status quo is now considered “terrorism”.

Crystal Balls: The average yield of 10-year bonds from the US, Germany and Japan is now below 1% - for the first time ever. Hardly augers the arrival of the inflation monster any time soon. Suggests that the recovery may need to go back to the recovery room. Maybe that's why China is rushing $1 trillion in stimulus spending.

Simple Courtesy: Remember, if you are using your phone in public, the FBI doesn't care how softly you speak. As far as they're concerned you have no expectation of privacy, thus they don't need a warrant to eavesdrop on you whenever you're out and about.  Y'know, like standing on your porch.

The Dynamic Duo: Gotham – and the rest of us – are going to be rescued by Paul Ryan and 'dynamic scoring', the disproven idea that tax cuts increase revenues. No, dynamic scoring is not scoring touchdowns with referee assistance ala the Cowboys, but the insistence that tax cuts for the rich will result in “indirect feedbacks” that will – many years later – result in a chicken in every pot. Or maybe not.

Paging Dr. Mengele: Analysis of the report on CIA torture indicates that experimentation on humans was a “core feature” of the treatment of prisoners at black sites around the world.

Perspective: A Virginia man facing multiple child sex crimes from oral sex to sodomy has been sentenced to one month in jail. He was, it might be noted, a Virginia State Trooper who made a very advantageous plea bargain before a hand-picked judge. Don't try this at home.

Warning Label:The U.S. government is the most dangerous organization on the planet.” 
Unadvertised Special: Oklahoma now has twice as many earthquakes as California, thanks to fracking. Same with Ohio and most recently, Dallas
Oxymorons: As much as it'd be nice, there really is no such thing as healthy obesity. Even Doctor Oz hasn't tried to peddle that one. 
Worth Considering: “Our current global setup isn’t working for everyone..., that valley of despond is very real. And bad things will happen if we don’t do something about it.” Paul Krugman

Early Warning System: “If you want a government that’s gonna intrude on your life, force their personal views on you, then Jeb Bush is your man.” Michael Schiavo

Promises, Promises: As part of his re-election campaign – which is at least 90% funded by Americans -  Benjamin Netanyahu is promising not to give any land back to the Palestinians Israel has stolen it from. Who suspected he might?

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