Tuesday, January 20, 2015

SAR #15020

Economics makes more sense once you substitute 'gambling' for the term 'investing'.
Fairy Godmother: European markets continue to rise on the belief that the ECB will come up with half a trillion or more in QE purchases that will transfer even more from the taxpayers to the financial markets, from the poor to the rich. Just like in the US.

Prognosis: Republicans will neither reform, repeal nor replace Obamacare, because they simply do not care enough about the uninsured to face the political and budgetary costs that would be involved. Sniping gets them the PR without any actual responsibility. 
Clip & Save: Iran's oil minister claims that while the country's budget “should be based on $72 a barrel oil, "even if the oil price goes down to $25 a barrel, the oil industry will not be threatened.” Maybe not, but the government of Iran might well be.

Cruise Controlled: Car companies are rushing to hook more and more of your car's functioning to computers, which will be just fine until some bored teenage hacker decides he wants to take it, and you, for a joy ride. Think about that when you're picking out options.

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