Friday, January 23, 2015

SAR #15023

Religion, like politics, is mostly myth information.

God Did It! Yes, by a vote of 99 to 1 the US Senate has declared that the climate is changing. But it is not due to burning fossil fuels, in fact it is not due to any human activity. As arch-denialist James Inhofe (Irresponsible-Okla.) says, there is "Biblical evidence" of climate change, but that humans were not responsible for it. It's just that God is upset with us.

Omelet, Eggs: A pipeline leak has spilled nearly 3 million gallons of fracking fluids into a local creek. Just the price of admission to the cornucopia that is shale oil. 
Fairness Doctrine: The former CEO of Target/Canada, who lost Target about a billion dollars mismanaging the company, is getting about US$61million to go away. The 17,600 Canadians who will end up unemployed due to his incompetence will get about $3,000 each.

One And Done: Mike Huckabee has told his supporters (all three of them) that there's no need for them to raise money or to get out and campaign because God will make him president in order to stop the US slide into “an atheistic secular theocracy.” Well, if the Big Guy is going to vote for Mike, Jeb and Mitt and the rest can stay home. Works for me.

Advice: The State of California is telling people who don't vaccinate their kids to lock their whole family in the house and send out for pizza. Forever. Not really, but why not?

Another Brick In The Wall: Yemen's president and prime minister have run away from the rebels (al-Qadea, ISIS, other?) who have essentially taken over the country, much to the dismay of the US, which fears losing rights to the shooting gallery, and the Saudis, who say they will just build a big fence and forget their troublesome neighbors. 
Too Many Lawyers: The Seattle Seahawks are trying to trademark the word "boom", the number "12", and the sobriquet “worlds most annoying fans.”

Sins Of The Fathers: Angela Merkel says Greece must take responsibility for its debts, even if a new government is organized. Why? Why can't a country declare bankruptcy? Why this “rule” that no matter what someone like Saddam or the IMF has done, or how silly the banks have been, the debts stay with the country? What about 'due diligence' on the part of German bankers?

Time To Diet: If you are on a low-salmonella diet, you might want to throw away about 25% of the chicken breasts and thighs you buy. And half the ground chicken, but who buys ground chicken?

Practicing War: Zbigniew Brzezinsk, who long ago had his shot at ruling the world, claims the US should deploy troops to the the Baltics in order to get a leg up on the next war – with the Russians. Unless we get into combat with them in Ukraine next spring during joint US/Ukraine military 'exercises'. But the Ukrainans want another $50 billion to keep pretending they're in charge. Maybe we can recycle the same pallets we used to ship all that cash to Baghdad. 
Bad Day At The Office: A US Navy cargo ship is grounded off the Japanese coast near Okinawa. Officials said not to worry because “any water found in the ship is just from the normal tide going in and out.”

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