Wednesday, August 5, 2015

SAR #15217

Checking facts is good, checking theories is better. 
Ten Little Indians: Fox News has announced the winning entrants for their prime-time debate. Making the cut were Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, John Kasich, Rand Paul, Donald Trump, and Scott Walker. Also-rans Carly Fiorina, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum will compete for T-shirts later in the week. 
Men In High Places: The suspicion surrounding Maggie Thatcher's knowledge of child sex abuse among staff and supporters is taking a back seat to Sir Edward 'Ted' Heath (d. 2005). The former British prime minister (1970-74) is being investigated by five separate police agencies on accusations of pedophilia and child abuse, including the rape of a 12-year old boy.

Pick One: We've had Medicare/Medicaid for 50 years, Iraq for 25.

Opportunity Knocks: British PM David Cameron will require all porn sites to collect and keep “proof of identity” on their visitors. It will be interesting to see what “proof” is required, and how quickly work-arounds will be available. If the intent is “to protect the children” as opposed, say, to imposing your values on me, why should I be swept up in this net if I have no kids and don't let any into my home?

Credentials: James Lankford (Father, OK) says that abortion is a “men's issue” because he is a father and “had something to do with the birth” of his kids, so he is qualified to tell women whether or not they should get abortions.

Sgt Schultz: Tom Hayes, found guilty of manipulating Libor for the benefit of his employers (UBS and Citi) to the detriment of nearly every human on earth, has been sentenced to 14 years in prison. Authorities have levied $9 billion in fines against banks and brokerages, including a $1.5 billion penalty for UBS. Citi has been censured over its involvement. But not a single one of his superiors in either bank knew what he was doing, they say. They just keep raking in the profits. And they are not going to jail.

Being Prepared: In most US states you do not need to have finished high school in order to home-school your kids. Hell, in several states being able to read is considered being over-qualified. 
Reason Enough: That Scott Walker has run up over $10,000 on two credit cards and is dutifully paying 27.24% interest on the balance should be enough to disqualify him from any public office, much less the presidency where he would set the budget for all of us.

The Times They Are A'Changing: A would-be gay-basher got rather the worst of the bashing when the married gay couple he attacked turned out to be West Point grads.

Porn O'Graph: Coming and going.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Tom Hayes was promised by some powerful people that he would not be going to jail, so he kept his mouth shut. Now that he is, ironically he has quite a bit of leverage in the form of his rolodex. He'll talk, will anyone listen?

Anonymous said...

If Bush Jr. could get elected by for being just as stupid as the everyman, then Walker might get elected for being both just as stupid and broke as the everyman.

As long as he doesn't follow his instinct and get a Confederate Battle Flag tattoo as part of his fight with Trump, then he might just swing it. All that lead in the air and water, destruction of public education; aka the Marching Morons; it may all pay off big for the Big R.