Friday, August 21, 2015

SAR #15233

Things are true until they're not.

Hot Enough For You? Last month was the warmest month ever recorded, all over the world. Except for North Carolina where global warming is against the law, and Oklahoma where it is ignored in deference to Sen. Inhofe. 
It's A Snap: Greek PM Alexis Tsipras has quit stepped down tendered his resignation, triggering a snap election – which he hopes will reappoint him as Angela's Gauleiter.

Status Quo: America's non-existent education in science and math over the last few decades has created a pubic that does not possess the basic tools to participate competently in a modern democracy. 
Indian Givers: NASA is sending scavengers around to museums that have received retired space shuttles, removing reusable parts to serve as spares for the International Space station. The parts, in plain brown paper wrappers, would be lifted into orbit by Soviet-era Russian spacecraft. 
Motto: Tax cuts for the rich are good for you! Overpriced health insurance is good for you! Social security is for losers! 
Leadership: Mark Gremaud, a member of the Perryville, MO school board told a fellow board member, “Kathy, you are just a woman, the only thing you know is laying on your back with your legs in the air splayed.” The board voted 4 to 3 to ask Gremaud to resign. Four to three.

Precisely: According to reports, millions of dead fish have begun mysteriously washing up on the shore adjacent to Tianjim's gigantic cyanide explosion. Mysteriously?

Shaken, Not Stirred: Over the weekend, a 5 square mile slice of ice fell off Greenland’s massive Jakobshavn glacier – the largest chunk ever to break away from a glacier. Climate scientists, with their usual understatement, noted that this “is not good news.”

Motivation: The federal No Child Left Behind project was designed to force states to establish a set of academic standards and to develop ways to get students in their states to attain these goals. It was (and still is) immediately disliked, for no state politicians enjoy being accountable for anything, especially the poor results achieved by under-funded schools forced to teach to the tests instead of educating the children.

Serve & Protect: It took 14 of San Francisco's finest to subdue a one-legged man on crutches. Wear some flowers in your hair.

Masked Man: The good news is that US inflation increased only 0.2% in July. The bad news is that this will be enough to let the Fed begin its new Great Experiment in killing the economy. Oddly, the Chapwood Index which measures the actual cost of 500 things we spend our money on is up 10 to 11%. But that's prices, economists say, not inflation. 
Porn O'Graph: Animal farm.


Steven said...

Charles: The hyperlink for "Status quo" is bad: it links to an article about Iran

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

No, that's the right link. The quote is part of the explanation for why the public and its leaders are so easily misled on matters that require a passing familiarity (what used to be a high school graduates knowledge, but that was a lot of seasons ago) with math and science.

There could be a fair debate as to how intentional this dumbing down was/is and whether TPTB view it as a failure or a success.

McMike said...

re dumbing down:

I don't think so man; those lights are off on purpose.

McMike said...

re education:

Oligarch 1. Ok, so we could choose to pay lots of money in property taxes, and develop an educated proactive populace, with great independent critical thinking skills, high expectations, and a solid civic/historical foundation, and led by a strong cadre of well-paid unionized teachers, and community-based school board leadership.

Oligarch 2. Or... we could privatize education to cronies to profiteer off of, use the education system as another front in the America's culture war on itself, and crank out a patchwork of teen criminals, dropout losers, and desperate Pavlovian compliant drones, hocked deeply in debt and fully unable to form an independent or original thought. Taught by desperate insecure inexperienced recent graduates, themselves deeply in debt, and led by a stuffed board of fractious ideological troglodytes.

Oligarch 1. I prefer the first option.


Oligarch 1. *giggle* *snort* [wine flies out his nose]

Anonymous said...

"Status Quo: America's non-existent education in science and math over the last few decades has created a PUBIC that does not possess the basic tools to participate competently in a modern democracy. "

Nope, my pubic is filled with basic tools....