Tuesday, August 4, 2015

SAR #15216

Sometimes the headline tells the story, sometimes it lies.

Happy Aniverserary: Four Presidents and 25 years ago, in August 1990, the US responded to Saddam's invasion of Kuwait by beginning a military confrontation that continues to this day, leading to combat and air strikes in not only Iraq, but six other Muslim countries. So far.

Cold Water: Planned Parenthood does not sell unborn baby parts. It does donate fetal tissue to researchers, which is specifically authorized under US law. The entrapment attempted by anti-abortion fanatics (and the doctored videos they made) have provided Republicans who want to roll back women's rights a pretext to abolish federal funding for Planned Parenthood, which currently receives about $500 million a year to provide family planning information, cancer screening and other health services to millions of American women. They are expected to use this as a cudgel to try to shut down the government again this fall – because it worked so well the last time. But that would marginally be better than launching another Civil War, as is being suggested on Fox. 
Reunification: It ain't over even when its been over for 150 years.

Fighting A Lost War: Britain and France have called on for the EU to curb the continent's flow of illegal migration which has become about 250,000 desperate people a year fleeing the Middle Eastern and North African wars and climate change devastating Africa. The greatest mass migration since WWII is underway, and fences will not hold them back. 
Question: Can you make a sentence that includes the words IMF, QE, recovery and competence?

Civics Lesson: A teacher in Forest Park, IN interrogated a second grade student about his religious beliefs and his mother's church attendance. Discovering the family did not believe in God, she kept the student from sitting with all the little Christians at lunch.

Warming Up: Obama has finally decided that there is no greater threat to America's future than the Koch Brothers climate change. 
Beggar Thy Neighbors: The still-secret TPP's major flaws are (1) it's still secret, (2) it is being negotiated by and for multinational corporations at the expense of the general welfare and well-being of the people, (4) it is intended to further evolve and expand its reach after passege with no further public input, notice nor consideration, and (4) it deliberately excludes China, India and Indonesia, the three largest nations in the region.

Talking Point: There are – exactly? - 7,443,580 seriously underwater homes in the US. Discussion of this in connection with our stagnant wage growth is not encouraged.

Porn O'Graph: Inflation be damned, full speed ahead.


Anonymous said...

Green House gas emissions

The misanthropy, more misogynist less misandry, but certainly debasing humanity in Raw Stories adverts is one model for what is wrong with liberal/progressive action(?) today; a pile of slick, vacuous attention getting, scatter and hiding java-scripts distract while a number of for profit agendas try to inject a Trojan horse.

Reminds me of Obama's administration, a slick bit of advertising (the cute couple and their cute kids) who never quite take their own advise. PP-ACA was the model for this slight of hand which will due Obama's old Chicago Machine pals at Excelon a huge help. It gives their old, wornout nukes a market for a few more years, combined with Obama's defanging an already malnourished NRC so Excelon don't have to spend money to fix the increasing risk. Excelon is also a major investor in combined cycle plants and natural gas, which will gain even more. So, Obama library funded, Obama version of Clinton Trust Fund firmly funded onto it's feet.

It's still early to see where all the corruption is going, but Michelle Naomi (Billig) Patron just departed the White House to go back to work for the Petroleum Industry Research Associates, of which she is the major shareholder. Smacks of all those pharma consultants/Flexians who departed the Whitehouse right after the passage of PP-ACA. That's about as clear a signal as I need to call there are a few scams, like stock market manipulation in the pipe.

TulsaTime said...

In a mistaken assumption of competence, supposed financial regulators such as the IMF allowed quackery, in the form of QE, to masqerade as a tool to recovery.