Friday, August 7, 2015

SAR #15219

Evil is not a choice, it is a long series of choices. Jesse.

Unintended Consequences: The harder crossing the border becomes, the more likely an immigrant is to settle down and stay. Years ago, when the border was pretty porous and men could easily get temporary work visas, men would come, work, then go home. Now they pay so much to get here and face so many dangers doing so that it is only reasonable for them to bring their families and stay.

The Revolting Ruling Class: They say The Donald can't possibly win, yet he keeps winning at the polls. They say the same about Bernie Sanders, and he's thriving too. They thing they have in common is that they are not the same old same old. The anger that propels them may not be enough to slip either of them into the White House this time, but the times they are a'changeing. 
A Bigger Tent: Pope Francis now says that divorce is is a fact of life and does not disqualify you from the church. This guy gets better and better.

Dark, Whistling In The: Wall Street would have you believe that the collapse of the Chinese stock market is a non-event, and that the collapse of the Chinese economy will not affect us. Bollocks. It's like those guys who pretend that the entire collapse of commodity prices is due to the strengthening of the US dollar. Let's see, copper, coal, iron, oil are down 30 to 50% and the dollar is up about 20%, right?

Foreordained: When the US joined the TPP negotiations it became a political project, not an economic one about trade. Trade agreements focus on goods, but the US was focused on “intellectual property” (specifically drug formulas and investment scams) and on excluding China from participation. Turns out that old-fashioned protectionism for dairy products and cars was sufficient to kill the deal, saying no the the bully at the table was just frosting.

Search & Avoid: In fighting climate change, doing the wrong thing is not as bad as doing too little of the right thing. For example, Obama's plan to reduce carbon emission from US power plants is the right thing to do. Reducing them by only 30% by 2030 is far too little, far too late
Porn O'Graph: Help, I've fallen...

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and sure to grow under Obama's pro-fracking, pro-open arctic to drilling/fracking program, which Sally Jewell helped draft, along with a number of other Flexian scum.