Tuesday, August 11, 2015

SAR #15223

Koch'a: Performances at the Fox beauty pageant were aimed at the viewers and the reviewers, but in the command appearance before the Koch brothers the wannabes were going for gold. Carly Fiorina tried to suck up to the brothers by praising their entrepreneurial patriotism. Jeb Bush told the brothers that private capital and private companies are the essence what makes America great becaue “They can do what they want... They don’t have to listen to shareholders.” Koch Industries is the second-largest privately held US corporation. What they do is secret. Marco Rubio tried to ingratiate himself to the fossil fuel billionaires by attacking the new Obama/EPA clean energy regulations. Scott Walker bragged about crippling unions in his state and rolling back environmental protections that might have stood in the way of profits. Ted Cruz, going all out for funding from the fossil fuels fortune, pronounced global warming to be a gigantic hoax. Tune in next month to see who won the jackpot.

Motivation: So far this year 3,400 people have been murdered in El Salvador (population 6 million – far smaller than NYC). No wonder thousands are trying to emigrate. No wonder parents try to send their children to safety. 
Cost / Benefit: US is deploying six F-16s to Turkey in the fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq because five would be too few and seven too many. F-16s were specifically designed to be effective in fighting terrorists while creating collateral damage. 
Data Data Everywhere: Which of the following does the BLS count as employed? 1) An unemployed architect who mowed a neighbor's lawn for $35 last week. 2) A 16 year old farm kid who does chores around the place. 3) A housewife with three kids who helps her husband with his computer consulting business a couple of hours every Friday. That's right, all of them are employed. And thus unemployment is only 5.3%. 
Noted: If you don't think about sex all the time as an adolescent and young adult, there's something wrong with you. The only provable point to life is to make more of it. Sex is not dirty or wrong or dangerous. Actually, it's quite enjoyable and was designed to be that way.

Shut Up And Deal: Wannabe Walker thinks the thing to do after the cops gun down unarmed black kids is to talk about “what brings us together,” instead of bringing up “racial discord” because that only causes more racial discord and he, for one is tried of all the whining.

There Goes The Neighborhood: Armenia has violated its 1992 cease-fire agreement with Azerbaijan over 100 times in a 24 hour period. The conflict started in 1988 when Armenia invaded and took control of 20% of Azerbaijan. Extra credit if you can point to these places and identify the location of Nagorno-Karabakh on a map. Any map. 
Sabotage: Carly Fiorina, winner of the junior debate, says that laws guaranteeing paid maternity and paternity leave are the sort of thing that forced her to destroy Hewlett-Packard. Adamantly pro-life, she points out that while the government is not competent to tell businesses what to do, it is eminently qualified to tell women what to do with their bodies.

Self-Evident: FBI Director James Comey says only people with something to hide want to hide things, and that the government should get to decide when encrypting your personal data- your e-mails, phone texts, internet browsing history and everything else - stored on your computer or in a cloud is acceptable. Pretty much it won't be. 
Porn O'Graph: Prime of life.

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