Friday, January 8, 2016

SAR #16008

All life is communal.
You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet: As a preview of how the TPP will castrate national governments, TransCanada Corporation, proud parent of the Keystone XL pipeline venture, filed a lawsuit in US federal court seeking to reverse Obama's rejection of the pipeline becaue he did not have constitutional authority to do so. It also filed a “legal action” under NAFTA' seeking to extort $15 billion from the US taxpayer for that decision through a secret, extra-judicial, corporate-controlled process.
Quoted: “Somewhere out there is the next recession. We are woefully unprepared for it and I fear that the likelihood that this will change by the time the next downturn gets here is low.” Jared Bernstein
Report Card: In 2009 the nations of the world committed to providing $100billion a year to finance efforts to slow global climate change. The latest available estimates are that an average of $57 billion a year is being provided. Give us a 'D'; 57 is not a passing grade.
Open To Interpretation: The Ohio prosecutor who led the investigation into the murder of 12 year-old Tamir Rice by Cleveland cops says that releasing the testimony presented would put the grand jurors at risk.
Must Read: As soon as you're done here, go read Gail Tverberg's '2016: Oil Limits and the End of the Debt Supercycle'
Vote Getter: I’m not in favor of privately run charter schools. If we are going to have a strong democracy and be competitive globally, we need the best educated people in the world. I believe in public education; I went to public schools my whole life, so I think rather than give tax breaks to billionaires, I think we invest in teachers and we invest in public education. I really do.” Bernie Sanders.
Factoid: The average rate of US economic growth since 2008 is pretty much zero.
Noted: “In Britain we’ve already experimented with a system in which one group of people receive a guaranteed income with no obligation to work for it. But what if this was extended beyond the royal family?”
Onanism: Congressional Republicans have racked up yet another victory, sending bills to the White House that would repeal Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood. Meaningless and empty, but it makes them tingle all over.
Porn O'Graph: It's about the oil, stupid.
The Parting Shot:
Remembering when...


McMike said...

Sunni joke: it's not our fault that all those Shiites are living above our oil...

George Anderson said...

Must Read: No rational individual would disagree with Ms Tverberg's conclusions despite few being aware of the existence of the 'debt supercycle'. (Remember, if you can't live on what your boss pays you it's not his problem, it's YOURS! Thus are we all driven to survive on more debt than we can handle...90% of HELOCS are used to pay down credit card debt...or go on vacation) But I digress

Illustrated is the foolishness of basing the economy upon energy, especially 'finite' energy. We must shift from a consumer driven economy to a sustainable existence so we can husband the resources we have left. Naturally we won't survive at the current rate of population growth, which means some decidedly unpopular measures to 'curb' population growth will have to be no more test tubes.

Depending on who is doing the calculating, we are either over carrying capacity or (and it is my position) near to that point.

Under an 'oil-based' economy, we're cooked but under a sustainable model, we're dancing close to the edge. (We'll need the 'human power' those seven billion pairs of hands will provide!)

Culling the monsters among us will also help reduce the population as well. Those unable to get behind the share and share alike model will be invited to depart for a place where they can live on their own and be truly 'self-sufficient'.

McMike said...

Open question. I read recently somewhere, I think maybe a user comment somewhere, a reference to a model of capitalism. It was something like (in my imperfect memory) "death capitalism." As in: oh, they are just practicing death capitalism, as a sort of meta-explanation not unlike Klein's "disaster capitalism". Or Tverberg's oil and debt thesis.

Anywho, i wanted to go back and look that idea up, but can't fetch it from my failing RAM - emphasis on "random".

It's bugging my now, an ear worm I can't shake. Does this ring a bell for anyone?

George Anderson said...

I've heard it called all sorts of things but 'Death Capitalism', by sound alone, appears to be a 'New Age' euphemism (something my kid might spout.)

I've heard it referred to as 'wage slavery' but without a context, Death Capitalism is a new one (on me anyway.)

kwark said...

re "you ain't seen nothing yet": One has to wonder if the Big Boyz, knowing that the future economic viability of huge developments of any sort are doubtful, cooked-up the ultimate extortion scheme - the current "free trade" agreements? Why bother actually building something when you can simply propose a really disastrous project and then, when they object, extort money from the locals under the "rules" of the trade pact?

kwark said...

re "Noted": Never work in a nation where being poor is considered the natural condition of those who are morally, mentally, and psychologically deficient. That would be the U.S. where a depressing number of people think that the poor deserve their suffering and are worthy of only more of the same.

George Anderson said...

Starts with a 'D': Mc Mike, could you be referring to 'Disaster Capitalism' by Naomi, er, something or other? Made quite a splash a few years back by connecting the dots between mayhem and huge shifts in private wealth.

Think it even eluded to how our 'modern' intelligence apparattus was complicit in the mechanics.