Saturday, January 30, 2016

SAR #16030

Racism as a political weapon wielded by elites against the 99 percent, nonwhite and white alike.” [The Nation].
Growth Spurt: The rousing economic recovery that prompted Yellen and the Fed to begin raising interest rates in order to keep inflation in check turned out to be a disapointing 4Q15 GDP growth rate of 0.7% (subject to downward revision), mostly because the main driver of the US economy, consumer spending, wasn't. But never fear, those captains of capitalism on Wall Street reacted to weakening GDP growth (and thus weakening profits) by jumping upwards because they see slower (or no more) interest rate hikes and the possibility of even more free money!
Asked And Obvious: Expressing her dismay over the “shockingly weak” punishments that have been visited on Wall Street's corporate criminals, Elizabeth Warren askedWill those who led the financial system into crisis ever face charges?” No. Next question please.
On Wards: CO2 levels will reach 405 ppm within three years, at which time a 2°C rise in global temperature will be locked in and we can stop the silliness about magic spells and salvation. At the current rate (and there is no real world evidence that we are actually going to take the cure) we will reach the 450ppm in about 20 years, locking in a 3°C rise.
Money Talks: Polling shows that Democrataic voters making less than $30,000 prefer Sanders, while those making over $100,000 favor Hillary, who personally favors making millions.
A Little Off The Top: Michigan Gov. Snyder's mostly redacted emails (dating back to 2014) had this nugget when discussing the brain damage children in Flint were suffering from the lead in Snyder's cheap water: “It is just a few IQ points. … It is not the end of the world.” But responding quickly to the looming threat of evisceration, Snyder has appointed a committee to study the problem and come up with “feasible actions for upgrading Flint’s water system” by 2018. As long as it doesn't involve actually replacing the lead pipes.
Another Verse: President Obama, fresh from victories in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, is now going to save Libya from the Islamic State.
Charity Clarity: Trump's spokesperson Katrina Pierson, she who called the President the “head Negro” and “a jihadi,” when asked about where the money supposedly donated to veterans at the Thursday night barn dance, first said “I'm sorry, I can't hear you.” And then explained the money was “going to a Trump organization” because they couldn't find a veterans' group that would accept the money.
Enough: Chicago police officer will sue estate of teen he fatally shot, citing the emotional distress killing the kid has caused him.
Pilling On: One group of Clintonistas claims we should not ask our masters for anything – like universal healthcare – and should settle for what they are willing to let us have. Another Hillary fan club says that universal single payer, while afforded by every other industrialized civilized country, is a great idea, but one that we cannot afford. So Bernie should go back to Bennington without actually trying.
Borrowed: “Note to our readers: Donald Trump is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, birther and bully who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.”
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Anonymous said...

Onward and upward: It's the methane that is going to cook us, not the carbon dioxide (alone). That't the methane release that were kick stared by carbon dioxide initiated warming, a prediction we made 30 years ago in my university. Link I've put here in comments on earlier posts, links from the University of Alaska Fairbanks indicate that we've already crossed the inflection point and that there is no way back, save a miracle energy source which allows for massive investments in carbon dioxide and methane capture. I don't see it happening. Earth is going to depopulate, if not exterminate, humans.

McMike said...

Re racial populism. I read the nation racism piece. So, the thesis seems to be that racism is the driver behind the elite's economic policy of upwards economic distribution. They decided to destroy the lower and middle class in order to keep blacks out of the economic pool.

I get that tapping into racism was a tactic to win votes and to get economic legislation passed. And that the practical outcome of excluding blacks from the pool, was to drain the pool for everyone else.

But I have a hard time imagining that the elites are primarily motivated by racism, that this whole drama in their minds is about blacks. Sure, big chunks of the populace might be motivated by racism, a sentiment heavily stoked by all the elite's scapegoating. But it seems to me the elites are motivated by greed. That's why they are elites. To them, racism is just a handy tool.

I mean, sure, once they make the cut, they'd rather not have blacks allowed as members of their country clubs. But greed is color-blind.

George Anderson said...

So close Mc Mike! You wrap up with the true objective of those hurling racist/ethnic BS to the masses.

Even politics are polluted with 'the other'. Conservatives have wrapped themselves in the flag and spit on anyone who attacks their 'patriotism' or Christmas...and that's not a 'tactical error' either, it's cool to be Christian here in the land of The Great Satan.

In the end racism serves as a cover for the real issue, classism and the true dividing line, rich vs. poor.

If they don't keep the billions of people they pauperize at one another's throats their doom will be swift and certain!

Humanity's tendency to scapegoat [Hitler pointed his finger at the Jews with terrifying results. Why do other 'allegedly rational' individuals listen to this crap?

Usually fear of being 'next'. Now the greedy (and if you listen to them tell it, that is not their 'prime motivation'...not that the truth is any more forgivable.) What we politely refer to as 'the greedy' defend their actions by explaining they have all they want and want no more...but they'll be damned if they'll let anyone take what they have (and they'll never admit this) stolen from the rest of us.

We are ALL human and very unfortunately still 'tribal' beyond all rationality. IF we were to stop for a moment and focus our energy on those who have stolen what belongs to us all (including the residents of this planet that can't defend themselves from capitalist predation, and yes, I am referring to wildlife, card carrying member of PETA that I am (although mine stands for 'People Eating Tasty Animals') That doesn't mean I'm not in favor of 'ethical treatment'.

Embrace our species and reject those who would pauperize you for their own enrichment (and yes, that's EXACTLY how 'capitalism' works!) We can then try to, er, 'come to terms' with the degradation of the planet caused by a system that thinks assets are infinte when they in fact are not.

Circling back, it starts with skin tone and moves to national origin then religion...all with the same objective, the erect barriers between those who should have common cause to putting a stop to our exploitation by the ruthless self-interested (clinically reffered to as 'socio-paths'.)

In the end, regardless of color, nationality, religion (and let's not forget the biggest elephant in the room, SEX!) You're either rich or you're not...and THAT is the origin of all the 'name calling'.