Tuesday, January 19, 2016

SAR #16019

Fine Print: The executive chairman of the World Economic Forum says that the worldwide crash of commodities prices will spread “economic woe” across the world sending a wave of immigrants to Europe that would “eclipse today's refugee crisis.”
Say/Do: After telling the debating society that she was serious about cracking down on Wall Street she has scheduled a Wall Street fundraiser for four days before the Iowa caucus. And why not, they've already paid her $2.9 million for chatting with them.
Message In A... If you buy a barrel of oil, have them drop it off in the barrel. The barrel is worth more than the oil in it.
Words Is Words: The Japanese Foreign Minister says that the women from conquered countries who were forced to work as whores in Japanese Army-run brothels were not sex slaves, they were just “comfort women.” Wonder if he'd say the same thing if it'd been his mother.
Pants Suit On Fire: The Clintons – both Hillary and the little Ms – have been “less than completely truthful” in their characterization of Sanders' healthcare proposal.
Tidings of Comfort and Joy: Speakers at the World Economic Forum expect that robots, AI and automation in the world's 15 leading countries will take over 5 million jobs. There is a small and fleeting concern as to where these five million former consumers will end up.
97 Pound Weakling: The latest national polls show that Bernie would defeat either Trump or Cruz, while Hillary would lose to Cruz. She may well lose to Bernie before that.
Priorities: Citigroup says its huge increase in quarterly profits was due to a sharp drop in legal costs as they finish buying off prosecution for various mortgage-related issues.
Spoon, Gag Me With A: Marco Rubio says he rushed out on Christmas Eve to buy a gun as “the last line of defense between ISIS and my family.”
The Parting Shot:


McMike said...

Re ISIS at our doorstep: http://i424.photobucket.com/albums/pp322/Telexer2/Stuff1z/OddsOfDying_zps43ad9694.png

Also, been meaning to mention, it occurred to me that what if the Fed's 25 bps discount rate increase was the planned head fake, so that they can next bring it back down again, and thus create a profit opportunity for Wall Street via the whipsaw. File this under "every political act can be traced to a con intended to fleece the people".

George Anderson said...

File Under: Quite true...the perplexing part is how long do we let this go on (because everybody knows) this slight of hand merely covers the criminals in charge so they can rob the rest of us via their control of money.

You have to work for yours while their supply is 'limitless'.

When the corporate owned media crowns Hillary the next president, what are 'you' going to do about it? Same thing we did when they coronated W, nuthin.

They 'cow' that Wall St keeps milk/bilking has been dead a long time, but again I'm not pointing out anything that everybody doesn't already know...so the real question is what happens when the hand-waving stops?

kwark said...

re "Tidings...": Lots of assumptions there, as in assuming the companies that produce or use said automation are still around in 2020, not to mention any demand for the products the robots might make. But I'm sure the same folks will tell us that technology will save us from that too. Somehow.

George Anderson said...

@ kwark: You are spot on with your observation, in fact, that is the point CK is making, robots don't buy what they make [which doesn't matter to the privileged few, they have'magic pens' that will all the money they need into existense.]

If they could 'will' the products that make life luxurious into existence, there'd be a bounty on the rest of us.

Worse, we'd be 'illegal'. [After all, it is THEIR planet! Just ask 'em!]