Thursday, January 21, 2016

SAR #16021

Today's mantra: “... worse than expected.”
Way Down South: The zika virus, the one that leads to microcephaly in babies, may have infected 700,000 people in Colombia, including at least 560 pregnant women. Iceland's nice this time of year.
Turtles and Hares: A CNN/WMUR survey finds likely New Hampshire Democratic voters prefer Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton, 60% to 33%. No wonder the tone is getting snippy. This might also explain Krugman, Ezra Klein and Jonathan Chait parroting Hillary's claim that the Democrats will have to settle for whatever crumbs the GOP will let them have rather than standing up for the people. FiveThirtyEight reports that “Donald Trump is really unpopular with general election voters” and notes that Sanders is the only candidate from either party who has a net-positive rating, while Trump is the most unfavorable. Hillary ends up with an 8 point unfavorable rating, which given her history isn't bad at all.
Ham Sandwich: Reports claim that the prosecutor never gave the Tamir Rice grand jury an opportunity to indict the officer who killed the child.
Helpless: Sarah Palin claims that her son's arrest on weapons and domestic violence charges is President Obama's fault because Track came off the tracks after being deployed to Iraq.
Free Trade: Independent economists examining the TPP conclude that it will free about 450,000 people from their jobs in the US. In exchange the country will get to give up much of its soverignty to make and enforce laws that concern companies and profits. Go team.
Net/Net: Scientists predict that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish, and that's not counting the plastic in the fish.
Matthew 6:34: Trump says he'll find a place for Palin in Washington. Or John 11:35.
Wish I'd Said: Rick Wilson, a consultant for establishment Republicans, says that most of Trump's “are childless single men who masturbate to anime. … These are not people who matter in the overall course of humanity.”
Ipso Facto: The Black Lives Matter protesters who blocked the San Francisco Bay Bridge may not face punishment because one of them was named Bundy.
Democratic Principals and Principles: Warren Buffett is hosting a $33,400 a plate fundraiser for Clinton the day before the Iowa caucus. Bernie won't attend, it's the night he does his laundry.
Spousal Privilege: A judge has ruled that a Baltimore cop cannot be forced to testify against his fellow officers in the Freddie Gray murder case.
An Apple A Day: Over half of the world's supply of cobalt, an element essential to lithium batteries, comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo where it is mined by children under slave-like conditions. 'Like' this and share with your friends.
Grooming Tips: The government of Tajikistan, in an attempt to curb radical Isalm, is forcing 13,000 men to shave off their beards. They're doing away with headscarves, too.
Porn O'Graph: Just sayin'.
The Parting Shot


George Anderson said...

Headed South: Phenomenon like this feed conspiracy theories that the elite are funding biological terrorism against the 'underclasses'. More disturbing is the notion that Mother Nature itself may be on board with the idea there are too many humans on the planet and these mutated little germs are her doing.

Wishes: wouldn't disagree with that assessment but I would add fat, impotent old cuckolds to the pile! [Let's just say they would if they could...] Sort of adds vitriol to their attacks on human decency, justified by (of all things) Patriotism!

Anonymous said...

Trump Turds? Or just angry and bewildered?

James Baldwin hits it out of the park.

kwark said...

re "Helpless": Hmm, what a surprise, the Republican's notion of "personal responsibility", so often preached by the likes of Mrs. Palin, clearly only applies to blacks, Mexicans, and assorted other folks she doesn't like.

re "Turtles and Hares": Which probably also explains why the Huffington Post and similar "progressive" sites seems to post ever more straw-man attacks on Senator Sanders and his positions.

Derek said...

Ms. Palin conveniently ignores that Track was deployed to a war begun by Bush while Bush was still the President. She's not blaming Obama for sending Track to war, she's blaming Obama for not treating the PTSD that was caused by the war. Kinda misses the point, eh? Fixing the source of the problem, not the consequences, is a better way to improve our world!