Thursday, January 28, 2016

SAR #16028

Anyone who shrugs and claims that change is just too hard has crawled into bed with the billionaires who want to run this country like some private club.Senator Elizabeth Warren
Closing Time: The FBI has told the secessionist idiots in Oregon that play time is over and it is time to go home – after a brief demonstration of their options. Actions are not without consequences.
Prozak In Every Pot: The US Preventive Services Task Force (an “independent panel” loosely under Health and Human Services) wants every American be screened for depression and put on a regime of drugs, especially pregnant women, new mothers, and those with pharmacy coverage in their health insurance.
Walls/Ears: “Wall Street’s serial corruption and wealth transfer system is at the very heart of wealth and income inequality in America. … the business model of Wall Street is fraud.”
Faint Praise: Jeremy Spencer, an associate superintendent with the GA DOE, has been fired after he explained that it was unfair to compare Finland's educational achievements with Georgia's because Finland's students were all white.
Gotcha! While your grab and run, gas station, and grocery store typically have a 2% profit margin for providing you your gas, snacks and grub, the banks behind the credit card you pay with make at least 2% for letting you buy the stuff. Who is ripping you off, even if you pay cash? Ah, but you knew that already.
Neat: What if NASCAR switched to racing electric cars?
Data Stream: The rich third of US households spend only 65% of their income, investing the rest to make even more. The bottom third end up spending more than they make; that's how the system is designed.
Two Forward, One Back: While Bernie Sanders was at the White House trying to get Obama to stay the hell out of the primary contest, Hillary was offering Obama a seat on the Supreme Court if he'd keep pimping for her.
Asked & Answered: Why are the Iowa caucuses followed so closely when Iowa only has 6 electoral votes? Iowa is important mainly because the media and the punditry say it is.
Porn O'Graph: Correlation is not causation. Not always.
The Parting Shot: 


McMike said...

re Prozak. As I have been trying to tell anyone who would listen, mandatory vaccination are just the camel's nose.

There is a wide range of profit, I mean public health, opportunities opened up, once drug companies can get government to create mandatory captive markets for them - without alternatives, without exception, without choice, and generally without recourse.

And if you fail to comply to the ever-growing regimen of mandated self-medication, you pose a de-facto risk to everyone else, especially to The Children (tm), to the common wealth, to public peace, and to our species...

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Especially the wealth, common or not.

kwark said...

RE McMike's comment - I can't agree about mandatory vaccinations but all the other drugs that tinker with mood, mind, and blood chemistry I can do without.

RE "Closing Time": It's sadly revealing to read comments about this event at your typical "mainstream" media page. Lots of comparisons to the Branch Davidian debacle, Ruby Ridge and so on. Never mind that these "Patriots" are all about stealing land that belongs to you and me. Or the background history of many (or most) of these folks which demonstrates the hypocrisy of militia "movement". The fact that they are privileged white folks living in the middle of nowhere doesn't give them the authority to redefine freedom to mean "do what I say or else you are dead", terrorizing the populace in the process, and then expect to escape any consequences.

RE "Asked and Answered": Could it also be that much of Iowa still has a foot firmly planted in 1950? Which describes many Iowa Democrats and 99% of the Republicans. Despite which, at least among the Democrats, their caucus system is the next best thing in this country to instant runoff voting! An old-school style of participatory Democracy that, unfortunately, probably only works in a state as sparsely populated as Iowa.

George Anderson said...

While McMike makes a valid point I'd caution everyone to tone down the hand-wringing, things are still riding the razor's edge so to speak and any proclaimation of mandatory 'tranquilizing' of the general public will create a tipping point and result in widespread chaos (notice I don't use/equate 'anarchy', which really means 'self rule' with mayhem/civil unrest...only the media wants you to equate the two.)

Appears the 'test ballon' is to gauge public, er, tolerance for the concept of 'medicating' children from infancy, curbing their purported 'naturally violent nature'. Left to our imagination will be the factor of how much is enough and who decides? [Because once they start introducing SOMA {re: Brave New World} the individual's dose will be determined by their social 'class'.]Then of course, when will the individual be 'cured'? and, perhaps more importantly, what will be done to children who are 'resistant to treatment?'

IF we keep in mind that ALL money is FUNNY and the real objective here is 'pliability', not profit [You won't get any of this right if you keep using 'money' as the motivating factor, money is worthless! but, thanks to the oligarchs, it keeps your head occupied chasing chimera while they cheat you blind and legislate you into submission.

That's the second piece of the puzzle, the laws are BY them for US. Thats why, regardless of their crimes, the rich never see the inside of a prison cell, because they're not the 'animals' are!

Just a little something to ponder while we muse over "what are they doing and how do they think they're going to get away with it?"

McMike said...

re kwark. Ok. I'm curious, do you differentiate between, say, Pertussis/Polio and Chickenpox/HPV? Do you differentiate between developing countries and the modern developed nations? Or between the 1880s and the 2010's?

Is there any upper limit to the number of diseases we should be protected from?

Is there any threshold where the burden/beneficiary relationship gets too imbalanced?

Is there a limit to the number of foreign chemical shots we should inject into a newborn's newly-hatched immune and neurological system?

Would your answer change if you saw evidence that some of those shots were not nearly as effective as advertised? Or of concerns that much of the modern disease transmission is coming from the recently inoculated? Or that some of these diseases are showing signs of resistance behaviors?

Finally, can you tell me how - in a world where every single industry and institution one can name is rampant with corruption, pathology, and simply broken - how is it that the vaccine system has avoided this? And how is it that it has done so, despite the litany of similar structures, warning signs, and the exact same players as in the broken industries?

Would anything sway you from your unmovable faith in the drug companies, FDA, and CDC?

McMike said...

re George. Problem is, we have already progressed quite a long way down the road towards a chemically moderated, commercially mediated, artificially replicated, industrially dependent existent.

We are nearing the end game.

Anonymous said...

Endangered Specie: The government & banks are working hard to eliminate cash as method of exchange (for many reasons, none of them good for the common man). Sweden's government has announced they expect to be cashless in 5 years, it will take a bit longer for the USA, but I'd not be surprised to see it done within 10 years.

George Anderson said...

@ McMike, again, sadly, I sgree. Chances are they will just move forward and by the time anyone notices it will be too late.

kwark said...

Well, McMike. . . yes indeed, the failures of our culture are ever more evident each day. Are you suggesting that abandoning any attempt to prevent diseases with vaccinations is the appropriate response?

McMike said...

re kwark. No, I said no such thing.

Just as critiquing our current banking system is not a call to stop trying to do banking. Nor is documenting the corruption of government a call to stop trying to do democracy.

You might stop trying to do cheap internet logical fallacies though.