Tuesday, June 7, 2016

SAR #16159

There are monsters in the world, mostly of our creation.
Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire:I am delighted to be with you today... the economy has registered considerable progress over the past several years toward ... maximum employment and price stability, and there are good reasons to expect that we will advance further toward those goals.” Happy talk, signifying nothing from the head Fed.
Noted: Business investment has been down for the last two quarters. This typically happens only in recessions. Just say'n.
Stops The Pain: Turns out that acetaminophen (Tylenol) will not only damage your liver, it'll damage your concern for the living. Studies show that “just two tablets” reduces people’s empathy for the pain of others. This, on top of the previously documented decline in the “positive emotions” of those taking it and, of course, the liver damage, makes you wonder why it's recommended by anyone for anything…
Pick A Door, Any Door: Unless unicorns come into Independence Hall and start ringing the Liberty Bell, we'll face having either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as the world's next Supreme Ruler. Anybody actually want that?
Spoilsports: Morgan Stanley says there is a 5% chance the S&P will rise and a 27% chance it'll decline. No one used the word crash.
Once More, With Feeling: The labor unrest in France – and France really knows how to do labor unrest – is beginning to look like revisiting the… disturbances?... of 1968. Maybe it'll spread.
Correction: This headline is one word too long: “Brexit forecasters miss everything that matters to real voters.” Which word should be deleted?
Hyphenated Americans: Trump continues to complain that Indiana-American Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel is biased against crooks and con men. So? I'm a New York-American and don't like 'em either.
Inclusion: Bill says Bernie's supporters “will be toast” if they don't seek absolution and forgiveness of their sins and quit talking about all the money He and She have gotten from dictators..
Revolting Development: If the Sanders people are able to bring about a floor vote on a rules change requiring superdelegates to support for the candidate who won their state’s primary or caucus, it would act as a referendum on the Clinton candidacy on the convention floor. Then things could get interesting.

Porn O'Graph: repeat after me.

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George Anderson said...

If nothing else Tylenol has been very good for Johnson & Johnson's bottom line and as any capitalist will tell you, screw the rest!

It is beginning to look like the die is cast for the upcoming election and there isn't a thing we can do about it.

I'm still calling for a strike by EVERYBODY, Freedom has never been free and while the frail suffer the most in times of crisis: the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

AlanSmithee said...

There never was anything you could do about it, George. The process was rigged from the very start. All that remains is for good fauxgressives and wingnuts everywhere to fall obediently into line.