Wednesday, June 8, 2016

SAR #16160

Send $10 to Bernie Sanders' campaign today, to show your support and to encourage him to continue annoying Hillary.
Been There, Done That: Wells Fargo has, once again, begun offering mortgages with just a 3% down payment for those who shouldn't be buying houses.
Being Prepared: The largest joint NATO military exercise since the end of the Cold War is underway in Poland, apparently trying to convince Russia to be afraid, be afraid, and to stop stealing parts of its neighbors. France has called on European nations to mount patrols in the South China Sea to protect the freedom of the seas, while China tries to buy support with foreign aid programs. Imagine.
Once Upon A Time: Real median household income in 2014 was the same as it was twenty years earlier. They call it progress. Since 2002 the average wage for warehouse workers has gone up only 15 cents while the cost of living has gone up 22%.
That Sucking Sound: Not only will the TPP agreement cost the US about half a million jobs, it will also let fossil fuel companies sue the US to invalidate any regulations aimed at making the 21st Century survivable if it would cost them even a penny in profits. Ditto with health care, clean water, clean air and any other health and safety measure that may impinge on corporations' right to make profits on our corpses.
Shorter Version: Sooner of later, most likely sooner, Iraq's Mosel dam is going to collapse, drowning a few million Iraqis. Throwing money at the problem won't work – we've tried that and (1) most of the money gets stolen and (2) the problem is essentially unsolvable. To quote the US Corps of Engineers, the dam is at unprecedented risk of catastrophic failure with little warning.”
Something In The Water: Bangladesh's Home Minister claims that Israel is behind a series of killings of minorities... and Bangladeshi bloggers.
Timing Is Everything: Knowing which side their bread is buttered on, the State Department will prevent public access to Hillary Clinton's TPP emails until after the November election.
I've Got Mine: In April Hillary Clinton gave an impassioned speech detailing the evils of inequality while wearing a $12,495 Armani jacket. Takes one to know one.
Porn O'Graph: Where the Good Times went.
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Anonymous said...

The Saker, on his blog, who appears to be quite knowledgeable about Russian military capabilities, pointed out that Russia would be well equipped to handle any type of foolishness perpetrated by NATO on their border. He/she points out that the size of our military is irrelevant, what matters is what can rapidly be deployed and maintained at the site of the conflict, which NATO would be diminutive to what Russia can put in play.

Further, and something I hadn't considered, is that while we in the US are generally not supportive of our military shenanigans abroad; when our military gets randy the destruction is limited to foreign theaters. The Saker points out that Russia has built up the capability (read deterrent) to ensure that they would be very capable of striking the US should we do something silly, despite what we have been told about missile defense and all the extorted money we gave to defense contractors. Very interesting stuff. In any event, the point is made that many of the military brass are well aware of this, but those who control them are either crazy, don't care, or both.

George Anderson said...

How ironic that the former USSR WAS the only thing keeping the capitalists in check. Note how our fortunes have, er, 'declined' since the collapse of Communism (which actually collapsed in the 30's with the take over by the Stalin regime.)

Nuthin' amusing about the stagnation of the working class [except the 'cognative dissonance', that part's hillarious! Stupidity Redefined!]

Is it apparent to anyone else that we use money all wrong? i:e the Mosul dam. The dam is going to collapse yet the 'I got mine' crowd keeps stealing the cash and saying, Hey, if we don't do anything, maybe they'll send more money!

Definitely something defective about the 'men both good and true' model! [The same 'system' that protects us...feeling safer?]

More damning (dependent on how you look at it) is research has discovered that the 'milk' of deadly Asian Giant hornets makes a potent energy drink...that capitalists are marketing as a product named Vaam.

How instrumental will the capitalists be in thwarting efforts to eradicate this deadly killer...worse, how long will it be before some money brained MORON imports them over here so he can try his hand at turning death into dollars?