Thursday, June 9, 2016

SAR #16161

Indoctrination is not to be confused with education.
Henceforth: Liberals now, officially and on pain of death, must profess belief in the wisdom and validity of Citizens United's ruling that corporations are citizens, have more freedom of speech rights than humans, and may give Ms. Clinton as much money as they wish, whenever they wish; liberals must abandon all interest in and support of Medicare For All or any other Single-Payer system that would damage insurance or pharmaceutical company profits; all wars and military adventures that create profits for favored donors companies are henceforth not to be questioned; all loyal Democrats must loudly proclaim that high government officials must be allowed to use private email accounts and be required to purge them of incriminating entires before answering any IG or FIOA inquiry; liberals also must henceforth support jailing every young black man at least once before he is 25, preferably in a for-profit prison; liberal support for any form of welfare must be terminated immediately; and eternal loyalty to one's local super-delegate must be affirmed repeatedly and in writing. The very ideas of freedom of the press and open government has been abolished. If you have any questions, turn yourself in to the nearest re-education center. Bring a toothbrush.
Reality, Checked: Last week the UN rightfully blacklisted Saudi Arabia for its human rights violations in Yemen, especially for the killing and maiming of children as a deliberate tactic. The condemnation has been rescinded and apologies issued for making such an obvious misstatement, which was brought to light when the Saudis threatened to cut hundreds of millions of dollars from various UN programs like the Children's Fund…
Newly Improved: In Oklahoma the cops can seize not only your car and belongings and cash, they now have “ devices capable of seizing funds loaded on to prepaid debit cards” and other bankcards. Now you can be pulled over and robbed of money you don't even have with you. Ain't democracy great?
Slip Sliding Away: Remember David 'The Lover' Petraeus and his escape from the jaws of justice? Seems he gave “over 300 highly classified documents” to his pay-to-play lover Paula Broadwell but was allowed to retire without going to jail. He could have avoided all the trouble if he'd just used a private email server to send the documents. Of course he also perjured himself, but he's a member of the untouchables…
A Parting Shot:


George Anderson said...

Ya think the rain will hurt the rhubarb? [not if its in cans!] Other rhetorical question: ya think Obama's endorsement will help the undecided get behind Hillary?

Look at our choices, bat-shit crazy and deluded beyond belief, perhaps more politely described as Republican and Republican-lite.

Rallying the Democrats is a lost cause because they don't exist anymore.

It's all become an exercise in 'hand waving' [look over here, ignore what's going on over there!]

Yeah, Patreaus is just one of the many who 'walked away' from their crimes because the MORONS in Justice didn't want to 'dishonor the office'.

Seriously? Like the voiceless and unrepresented majority I think it's time for a 'new broom'.

But this election proves what many of us suspected for a long time; the ballot box is broken, the media controls the results and the owners control them.

Capitalism needs to get the Bum's Rush because it isn't going away voluntarily [the laughable part of Ayn Rand's assertion that we'd be lost without the selfish few]

Rand came from Stalin's USSR and not Lenin's, two very different places.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Yes. It has always puzzled me why we confuse the USSR under Stalin with any form of communism. It was remarkably like the US today.

George Anderson said...

I suspect the source is the same place our collective 'cognitive dissonance' comes from. It is often referred to as the 'Ugly American' syndrome. Just because the phrase went out of fashion doesn't mean the problem went away.

I believe the modern term is 'American Exceptionalism'

How sad is it when a nation becomes famous for its ignorance/conceit?