Friday, June 17, 2016

SAR 316169

A Passing Phase: US industrial production was down 1.1% in May, making it nine months in a row of consecutive declines. This has never before happened outside a recession. Never.
Run/Hide: The FBI has accumulated over 400 million photos in its face recognition files, the better to make you feel safe. Never mind that the Face Recognition process hasn't been proven yet, it will be by the time your trial comes around.
Record Record: Atmospheric CO2 concentrations over Antarctica have reached 400 PPM for the first time in 4 million years.
Two For One: Hidden inside that Intel x86 computer you bought is another computer that you cannot access nor monitor, which can take over your machine and loot all of your files. It's a safety feature.
Easy Steps: Those who think they may want to overthrow the government want the government to make sure they have easy access to the weapons they'll need to overthrow the government. Guys, if you want to do something illegal, don't be shy about using illegally obtained weapons to do so. There are no valid arguments for civilians to possess automatic or semi-automatic weapons. Hunters should be able to get the deer with a bolt action rifle and a three shot built-in clip. Personal protection should be limited to 5 shot revolvers. A pump shotgun will do for chasing away burglars.
Without Comment: Candidate Clinton has received more money from US pharmaceutical company employees than all entire stable of Republican candidates.
Factually: If you cannot stand being a loser, don't become a leftist. "The only kinds of fights worth fighting are those you're going to lose, because somebody has to fight them and lose and lose and lose until someday, somebody who believes as you do wins." I.F. Stone.
The Piecetakers: Israel, which has as a percentage of area, stolen more territory than Putin, is somehow blackmailing the US into providing $40 billion in military aid over the next ten years in order to “upgrade” its aircraft and missile defense systems and to defend against teenage Palestinian kids with rocks. Not a complete waste, because the money will be spent on various members of the US war machine – like those still making and profiting from cluster bombs.
Memo For Mr. Sanders: Nearly half of Democrats want Bernie Sanders to mount an independent campaign for the Presidency.
A Parting Shot:


George Anderson said...

Um, just my two cents but you left out 'murderous' regarding the psychopaths running our world.

Completely agree. Basic weapons is all one needs to defend oneself. If you find yourself facing a swat team you're pretty much toast regardless.

Ironically, 'righty' is the first one to use the phrase 'common sense' to defend their often defenseless positions. In the meantime somebody has to 'mind the store' where we protect what remains of our collective sanity.

Sadly, it sort of redefines the term 'thankless job'.

The principle difference between Righty and Lefty is Righty requires no thinking...that's why there are so many of them.

Anonymous said...

here is the plan:

after we take the assault weapons…then we can "target" the semi autos,

and after that, then we will go for the revolvers….and then it will be just a short step as we go for the pumps and the lever actions.

there will always be grisly homicides that will facilitate further fear and loathing…eventually, with the right press coverage near total gun bans are assured.

but then we will have to deal with knives and spears

in fact:

more people are killed each year with knives and other pointed objects than are killed by so called assault weapons….

5 times more,

but who's counting.

murder by firearm is near a 20 year low…but these horrific mass shootings and the associated press coverage of the so called "epidemic" holds sway.

i am willing to support reasonable gun regulations that will further decrease these terrible awful tragedies.

but face it…most gun grabbers don't know what they are talking about.

here are 2 ideas guaranteed to cut gun deaths in half… is anyone interested?

1. decriminalize all drug use and abuse. way more than half of all the suicides, homicides and related violence is related to, and driven by addiction…., people in pain... people desperate to self medicate…. drug dealers and gangs fighting for territory... and "pay-backs" for drug deals gone bad.

people who use drugs are ill..need counseling, need legal and reduced cost access to the substances they are addicted to while we employ the medical model rather than the criminal justice model for dealing with our drug use epidemic.

illegal drugs are a major driver of crime and violence and death.


2. if you must focus on the gun, and especially mass killings, which we should address... here is a tip:

anyone who thinks banning an assault weapon…what ever that is…will have a significant effecte on the overall murder rate is living a fantasy. it is not the shape or even caliber of the weapon…it is the magazine.

the shape or size or hyper-modern "star-warss" like ugliness of the so called assault weapon matters not on bit.

the issue, the one issue, pure and simple, is the detachable magazine, and magazine capacity…all the rest is immaterial.

if the sherifs department (wife abuse) and the fbi (ample evidence mateen was prone to violence), and the employer G4S had done their jobs the brady check would have worked.

one last point…when the second amendment was passed the word militia…meant all..every able bodied man between the age of 14 and 40. and the security of the "free state clause" referenced the ability of the states and their people to over-throw a brutal tyrant who would use a standing federal army to crush the people.

i support reasonable gun control legislation. i also believe that the second amendment guarantees the right of law abiding citizens to keep an bear arms.

i welcome the chance to work with those on the other side of my point of view to craft moderate, thoughtful and effective legislation consistent with the constitution.

banning so called assault weapons without addressing the real drivers behind gun violence including magazine design, capacity, and the disfunction of people within our society, is pure "horse pucky"

(knives etc more homicides than assault weapons link)


Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

I'll endorse: "the issue, the one issue, pure and simple, is the detachable magazine, and magazine capacity…all the rest is immaterial." No detachable magazines and the weapon limited to 3 rounds.

This fantasy that somehow a bunch of citizens with rifles is going to impress the 101st Airborne or 5th Special Forces is just that. A fantasy. Y

If you want to protect our democracy (whatever that means) take part in local, precinct level politics and make sure every vote, every time, is by hand marked paper ballots, publicly counted and publicly verified. That'll go a lot further in securing our liberties than all the assault weapons, semi-automatics, etc.

Anonymous said...

may i suggest that a 3 round non-detachable magazine is a policy proposal that would be very very difficult to put into law.

traditionally many revolvers have held 6 or 7 rounds and lever action rifles have held 6 to 10.

the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 limited magazines to 10 rounds and please….please….. keep in mind that ban allowed for detachable magazines.

iirc current law in california and new york,... two of the most restrictive states….. is 10 rounds with a detachable mag.


and yes, i agree with you that political involvement in our democratic republic is far more important than all the rest.

that is why for over two decades i have run for and been elected as a delegate to legislative district caucuses and state conventions.

i was elected and served for 10 years as a member of the local school district school board…serving for free.

i was one of 6 people who wrote initiative 735 and personally gathered over 5700 signatures to help place this initiative on the ballot in washington state this novermber.

i greatly value your blog and thank for for the privilege of commenting, and on occasion, holding a point of view that is different.

best regards
michael savoca