Tuesday, May 13, 2014

SAR #14133

We kill people based on metadata.” General Michael Hayden, NSA Director

Swamp, Draining The: It’s not so much that something could go wrong in the Euromarket, but that something more could go wrong. And most likely will.

Drip, Drip, Drip: Tax breaks for US corporations ($1.8 trillion a year) equal the entire discretionary portion of the federal budget, and are more than twice the amount of the current budget deficit ($702 billion). In 2013, there were 4,000 Americans in the top 1% of income earners who – thanks to tax breaks – paid no federal income taxes at all. None. How'd it go for you?

Eye Of The Camel: Avoiding catastrophic climate change would require the rich and powerful to forego over $1 trillion in fossil fuel profits in the next decade and over $20 trillion by 2050. That seem likely to you?

Münchhausen By Proxy: The separatists in Donetsk have given the Ukrainian army 48 hours to get out of town or 'face war'. The US has voiced its support for Ukraine's "anti-terrorist" operations, while Russia is strongly supportive of regional self-determination (which they, of course, had no direct hand in). It will be time for more sanctions soon, the previous ones having not stopped the rain.

Ashes To Asses: Wyoming has become the first state to reject the new K-12 standards for science education because they don't want their kids learning that global climate change is caused by burning fossil fuels, and the dirtiest of the fossil fuels is coal – of which Wyoming is the nation's largest producer. They didn't even get to the part about evolution and the apes and all that.

Listing: According to Senator Grassley, Homeland Security has a very flexible approach to letting terrorists and those who associate with terrorists come and go, even if they are on the no-fly list. Like most things, it depends on who you know, or who knows you. Or, perhaps, what you know about...

Shaken, Not Stirred: The Western Antarctic Ice Sheet has begun to collapse and is melting at “an unstoppable pace”, much faster than previously projected. Prior estimates of sea level rise are being adjusted upwards to account for the process, which will start slowly but will inevitably increase in rate. It will add three or four feet to global sea levels by the end of the century, but the entire melt – which will take at least 200 years, will end up pushing sea levels 10 to 12 feet higher.

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Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Apologies to those whose comments disappeared as I cleaned up the typeface this morning.

To repeat: SO is finally home from the hospital - facing 4 weeks more in bed with me playing nurse... While I try to wrestle a trifecta of computer related problems to a draw.

Thanks for the concern & support.

- ckm

TulsaTime said...

Good luck with the 'puter wrasslin, that is always an MS sized headache.

I wonder if the anti-terror watch list is in the upcoming Greenwald/Snowden next release?

I sure hope we can come out of the Ukraine fiasco without a new european theatre of operations. Idjits in the gubbmint that kept that program running should be airdropped into the middle of things, just for karma sake.

I can't wait to see what super summer here in OK turns into with the new Mega-Methane-CO2 release schedules on tap. Hurricane season back east could get a little dicey as well.