Wednesday, May 28, 2014

SAR #14147

History enables us to know when we are repeating our errors.

Buy, The Numbers: Retail lives by sales, traffic drives sales... profits, aw that's so last century. Here's now: Wal-Mart, traffic down 1.4%, profits down $220 million. Target, traffic down 2.3%, profit down 16%. Sears lost $358 million in 1Q14 as sales fall 7.8%. JCPenny is still open. Kohl's sales down 3.4%,income down 17%,. Staples, American Eagle closing stores. Gap income down 22%, and Dollar General's market segment – the poor – are too poor to shop, profits drop 40%. The Brooklyn Bridge is a better deal than retail space.

Word Usage: “Florida is being sued for partisan gerrymandering.” If it wasn't partisan, it wouldn't be gerrymandering.

Mission Accomplished: Obama says America's job in Afghanistan is done. Remind me again what it was we went there to do, why it took 12 years, more than $750 billion and over 20,000 US casualties. And if we're done, why are we leaving 9,800 troops there and reserving the right to re-invade if we want to?

Interesting Headline: “Some Things to Consider if Spain Leaves the Euro.” Well, they missed suicide...

Clearly Present Danger: Pointing out that the climate “has always been changing”, House Republicans have passed an amendment that would prevent the Pentagon from spending a dime to get ready for the security threats that mass migrations, flooding, hunger and unrest will present. Why, they ask, “should Congress divert funds from the mission of our military and national security to support a political ideology?”

Follow Through: Putin, living up to his promise to work with whomever won the Ukrainian election, has advised Kiev to stop its military operations in the eastern part of the country. Or else. Obama, on the other hand, is going to drop by and give his advice in person. Just so there's no misunderstanding.

Free In Every Box: A bullshit detector ring, get yours today!

Look Both Ways: JPMorgan, trying to get them before they know better, advises would-be college students that it is not enough to just save for college, they should invest their savings. You know, and make a lot of money like mom and dad did on their 401ks.

Porn O'Graph: Hitting the slopes.

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