Thursday, May 1, 2014

SAR #14121

First the pain, then the scar. Nothing's free.

You Shall Not Know The Truth: The Senate Intelligence Committee agrees with the White House that the American people are too dumb to understand why it is necessary to kill so many innocent people with drones, much less learn how many are, or how these murders can possibly be legal.
Snake Oil: Rising US car sales are not necessarily the happy economic indicators some would claim; sales supported by sub-prime auto loans account for 27% of all vehicle loans, and car loans – at about 3% - are far cheaper than credit cards and 12% and up.

The Finer Print: The bigger fools targeted by the con-artists behind the Fracking Cornucopiatm sucked in nearly a billion bucks in three days via a bond offering by Rice Energy. Sure, the company has lost money for the last three years, plans to spend $4 for each $1 it earns and this while it sits in "some of the best areas" for destroying drinking water fracking. Dreaming the dream.

Now and Then: We humans really are causing our own climate suicide. But so what? We’ve got freedom of choice. And we choose cars. Only 24% of Americans think “climate change” is a big problem. We’ll worry about it later. And telling us how bad it will be only makes us more resigned and indifferent. We forget too much.

Footnote: In the rush to whitewash show the bailouts had been a Good Idea, it was widely reported that we the people had made a profit on the deals. Well, except for the $11.2 billion we lost on GM.

Your Results May Vary: The worst is over, the economy has recovered and a chicken in every pot. That's what the Fed claims, and the IMF, Congress and all of the most Republicans agree. So expect more austerity. Sure the economic gains have been concentrated at the top, but that's just the way God intended. So let's hear it for our betters – don't hold it against them if you're worse of, your kids have moved back in, and you've been unemployed for over a year. It's not their fault that you're a loser, is it?

Doubling Trouble: We all know the price of food isn't rising, or doesn't count if it is because the government says it doesn't matter. But by 2020, when the prices of most foodstuffs will have doubled, will it matter then? To you, if not to the government?

Educated Guess: Cops in Pennsylvania, according to their Supremes, have probable cause to search your vehicle if they think they have.Cuts down on the paperwork.

Pipelie: The US, through its subsidiary the IMF, is giving $17 billion to Ukraine over the next two years, $2.2 billion of which is to be given directly to Gazprom. That'll teach 'em.

Externalized Costs: TEPCO, the folks who brought us Fukushima's ecological disaster booked $4.3 billion in profits last year.
Lessons: What lessons should the students of Cleveland's privatized schools learn from being treated to 100% drug testing conducted by a company run by the school president's brother? Which cost is, of course, borne by the taxpayers.

Just Saying 'No': Republicans blocked a bill that would have raised the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour because they're Republicans. 
Solutions: The IEA reports that in 2012, around the globe governments spent $100 billion supporting renewable energy sources. And nearly $550 billion went supporting fossil fuels. First we should stop digging the hole...

Porn O'Graph: Cashing in, or cashing out.

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Footnote: We would have lost far far more than $11.2 billion had we let GM collapse.