Saturday, April 4, 2015

SAR #15094

We keep trying to justify with reason things we inherited from religion. 
Safe Bet: Expect the GOP and Israel to go all out to disrupt, delay and demolish the P5+1/Iran agreement in order to push the Middle East further towards war. An Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear sites would be good for the economy – war is far better at stimulating the economy than QE has been. 
Union Scale: US Sugar hired actors to stage a protest urging the South Florida Water Management District not to exercise its option to buy a large chunk of US Sugar's land and use it for water management programs. Where's the profit in that?

Downer: The Labor Department reported that only 126,000 jobs were created in March, not the 250,000 expected. It also had to knock 69,000 jobs off the happiness reported in the previous two months. Even so, the jobless rate stayed at 5.5%, proving once again that the official unemployment rate is a highly theoretical construct.

Weak Praise: Neil deGrasse Tyson doesn't get the excitement over “Clear”, after all Scientology is no different that Judaism, Christianity, Islam or any of the other delusions generally classified as religions.

Golden Ruled: Wal-Mart, GE and the rest rattled their moneybags and presto-chango gays have rights after all. Did all along, the Republican drafted laws were just misunderstood.

All In Favor Say 'Huh?': A day or two after Easter the House is supposed to pass the secret TPP fast track bill without being able to read the treaty. It is said that the treaty would lower the wages of 90% of American workers, but that's probably optimistic
Us & Downs: Most Americans saw their income continue to fall during 2014, except for the richest 20%, whose income grew by nearly 1% while the average Joe lost 1% of his wages. The bottom 20% lost the most, with their income dropping by 3.5% to $9,818 a year. Interestingly, while most incomes fell, consumer spending grew by about 1%.

You've Been Tagged: The folks at Homeland Security are once again seeking to create a national license-plate tracking system. It abandoned an earlier effort over privacy concerns, but it has become obvious that there is no such thing as privacy in the United States, so the project has been revived. Wait until the Black Shirts try to get their hands on Facebook's enormous collection of consumer biometrics and facial recognition data.
Name of the Game: Pro football's violence is contagious – domestic violence increases following upset losses as the loving husband explains to the wife how she caused that interception.

Mystery Call: Now the banks want to be able to robocall your cellphone. What in the world could a bank have to say that I would want to listen to?

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Tulsatime said...

I saw a comment on Juan Cole's page to the effect that Iran has negotiated away something it did not want to start with. Almost sounds like a briar patch strategy.

Small surprise to read about the pivotal role for interest rates in the former productive economy. And just a crying shame that any return of positive interest rates would cripple the government-financial complex as it operates today. Does that lead anyplace good?

Ole Tom Cotton, that ole Tom Cotton, he's got it pretty good here too, they hang christians in Iran, and don't appreciate missionary work either