Thursday, April 16, 2015

SAR #15106

The main requirement for a happy life is self-deceit.

Asked & Obvious: “Is Israel the real director of US policies?” Here's a hint: Israel's Intelligence Minister has just blessed the concessions that Obama has made to Israel's Congressional representatives over the Iranian negotiations. 
Clarification: Turkey's Erdoğan is at it again, this time explaining that the murder of 1.5 million Armenians by Turks in 1915/17 was not genocide because there are at least 100,000 of them left today as “guests in our country”. 
Model Model: The US healthcare system has three moving parts: Patients who need doctors, Doctors who need patients and Insurance companies which take as much money from the first and pay as little to the second as possible. Paying insurance companies more has little or no connection to either the treatment the patient receives or the payment the doctor receives for providing that treatment. You'd be far better off investing in insurance companies than in insurance.

Simplicity: Tennessee Republicans (which is redundant) have voted to impose Sharia law make the Bible the state's Good Book. 
No Joke: Fox's Sean Hannity claims that the Daily Show is responsible for the gang rape in Panama Beach because Jon Stewart makes fun of Fox. True, 'tis like shooting fish in a barrel, but it causes derision, not rape.

Flushed: Five Walmarts in four different states were suddenly closed Monday, due to plumbing problems. About 2,000 employees have been laid off pending plumbing patches. Oddly, none of the stores have applied for permits to fix anything.

Relax & Enjoy: North Dakota's Republican legislature has refused to fund a state rail safety program, even though most of the state's shale oil production is shipped via rail, because “accidents are gonna happen” anyway. So why waste the money and annoy the oil barrons who own contribute so much money to politicians? 
Scripted: Nationwide protests against police brutality have resulted in dozens of protesters being brutally arrested.

Capitalism, Yea! In China, over 10,0000 prisoners a year are relieved of their livers, kidneys, or corneas as wealthy, old, rich people – not all of them Chinese or in China – pay for spare parts. And you thought shark fin and rhino horn harvesting was crude.

Non-Starter: Chris Christie, trying to position himself as an “idea” candidate, says he wants to cut social security benefits for those making a lot of money and raise retirement age to 69 for everyone. Say goodnight, Gracie.

Fails Laugh Test: The UN has given Iran a seat on the executive board of the UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. And you thought it was Inhofe and the environment. 
Fries With That? Kitchens? We don't need no kitchens, we eat out! For the first time in US history, Americans are spending more eating out than on groceries. No wonder we're fat. Can I have a box?

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