Friday, April 10, 2015

SAR #15100

'The Future' is an interesting theory.

Skills, Get'em While They're Hot: The Labor Department's latest data suggest that the skills mismatch that has been a popular explanation for US employment problems has now infiltrated the restaurant sector. Seems we don't have enough people qualified to be waitresses and busboys. 
The Scalia Defense: At the Supreme Court, SC officials argued that banning same-sex marriage and discrimination against gays and lesbians wa constitutional because those who formulated the Fourteenth Amendment did not prohibit discrimination against women. Antonin told Thomas to give them a standing ovation.

I Remember Mama: Tom Cotton (Stand-up Comic, AR) promises that it would only take a few days for the US air power's shock and awe to defeat Iran. Y'know, like Iraq. 
Budget Savings: Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources wants to save money by eliminating the Bureau of Science Services because nobody in Scott Walker's Wisconsin has any use for science. That's why the words “climate change” cannot be included in discussions by state employees. Think how much money we'll save when President Walker abolishes NASA, EPA, CDC and the rest of those science dominated money wasters.

Asked and Answered: How many police shootings like the execution of Walter Scott go unpunished because they are not recorded by a civilian? Almost all.

Recovering Recovery: Some Wall Street financed explainers have a new explanation for the "jobless recovery." The economy lost a lot of low-skilled job during the recession, but now needs to replace them with highly-skilled workers. This is not true, of course. The problem isn't that the recovery is “jobless”, the problem is that the recovery isn't. Just isn't.

Tinker, Evans, Not a Chance: Here's the current Republican baby-kissing contest lineup : Bush, then Walker and way out in the bullpen, maybe, just maybe, Rubio.

Bedtime Story: The biggest extinction event in planetary history was driven by the rapid acidification of the oceans, which killed 96% of all marine species, starting with the bottom of the food chain and quickly working up as the cupboard ran bare. The seas today are acidifying faster than that immense die-off 300 million years ago. Parts of the ocean are now so acidic that off the west coast of the US the shells of tiny sea snails begin dissolving as soon as they’re born. The last time the oceans were so acidic was in the midst of the greatest extinction in the history of the world.

Placebo Effect: Republican lawmakers in Colorado have killed a bill that would have banned “conversion therapy” for LGBT minors. Just because it doesn't work shouldn't prevent people from trying – it makes them feel better even if it hurts the kids.

Straight Talk: Ted Cruz says he is tired of the media making him look bad by quoting him. And that's a quote. 
Porn O'Graph: Ban Food Stamps!

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