Tuesday, April 7, 2015

SAR #15097

So little changes.

Up The Down Staircase: Friday's dismal payroll and employment participation data pushed the Fed's Labor Market Conditions Index to a three year low. As usual, the rotten employment data led to a 100 plus point rise in the Dow even in the face of corporations first profit decline since 2009.
Pay To Play: It takes about a billion bucks to mount a serious campaign for the presidency. This explains why they're all con artists.

Congress Starts With C-O-N: The budget approved by Republicans in both Houses cuts $2 trillion from programs for the poor and near-poor over the next ten years – while cutting taxes on the rich. Sounds about right.

Say Pretty Please: Before a British government scientist or other expert can speak with the press, ministerial permission and a detailed script must be obtained. This worked quite well with Dr. Hansen in the US, pretty much muzzled him for years.

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Anonymous said...

"In 2007, Hansen has stated that in 2005 NASA administrators had attempted to influence his public statements about the causes of climate change. Hansen said that NASA public relations staff were ordered to review his public statements and interviews after a December 2005 lecture at the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco. NASA responded that its policies are similar to those of any other federal agency in requiring employees to coordinate all statements with the public affairs office without exception. Two years after Hansen and other agency employees described a pattern of distortion and suppression of climate science by political appointees, the agency’s inspector general found that the NASA Office of Public Affairs had mischaracterized the science of climate change intended for the public.

In June 2006, Hansen appeared on 60 Minutes stating that the George W. Bush White House had edited climate-related press releases reported by federal agencies to make global warming seem less threatening.[102] He also stated that he was unable to speak freely without the backlash of other government officials, and that he had not experienced that level of restrictions on communicating with the public during his career."

From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Hansen