Monday, September 19, 2016

SAR #16263

We are far more careful with our money than with our children.
Slip Sliding Away: Conventional wisdom claims that it is bad for the incumbent's party if the economy weakens in the run-up to the election. Not to rain on anyone's parade, but we have declining average weekly earnings, declining auto sales, domestic business investment is in the tank and even the stock market is unimpressed with the Fed's hemming and hawing.
One More: An unarmed black man whose car had stalled in traffic was killed by Tulsa police.
Old News: The Trump camp brags that occasional outbreaks of violence against members of the press or protesters adds 'excitement' to the rallies and besides, they note, violence at Trump's rallies is no longer ‘newsworthy’.
Vive la France: France has banned plastic cups , plates and other eating utensils. When I was last in Paris I saw four street people huddled in a doorway, sharing a bottle of wine... with mismatched but glass wine glasses. And the free meals served in the evening in Place de la République were served from three different areas, one for each course.
Business As Usual: Not only are House Republicans blocking any investigation into Exxon's decade of funding climate change denial groups while knowing full well that CO2 would kill us all one day, but they are also preventing any federal funds from being spent to address the Zika epidemic for fear a few bucks might go to Planned Parenthood in Puerto Rico.
Possibly True: One way to view the circus is that Trump is the symptom, Clinton the cause.
Foggy War: During the US sponsored cease fire, the US has bombed Syrian government troops – killing 80 by accident it says. Meanwhile US-sponsored Syrian militiamen of the 'Free Syrian Army' chased US Special Forces troops out of the town of al-Ray calling them 'pigs' and 'crusaders'. Then there are the 250 US SF troops fighting with the leftist Kurds, who are under attack by US ally Turkey....
Amber Alert: A continental census has found that about 1.5 billion birds are missing from North America, and that 86 separate species of birds are endangered by habitat destruction and the effects of climate change.
Porn O'Graph: You ain't seen – or felt – nothin' yet.
A Parting Shot:


Gegner said...

A curious thing considering Trump & Hillary are both card carrying members of the one percent.

What are people thinking [or are they trying their hardest not to because it hurts their teeny heads?]

With low support for both candidates I believe it's time we try something else.

How about choosing a qualofied leader, a proven problem solver instead of a professional liar?

And put them to work solving problems, not passing legislation nobody wants/needs.

Tulsatime said...


Well I hope winter will be something besides warm spells and ice storms...

Gegner said...

You mean there is another kind? Blasphemy!