Tuesday, September 27, 2016

SAR #16271

Pundits talk about 'the next recession' as though the last one was over.
Think It's Gonna Rain? Reports make it obvious that chemical weapons are being used in Iraq (and Syria), yet the US refuses to address the issue. Makes you wonder what the Pentagon is being so shy about.
First Things First: Having sex with prostitutes is now illegal in Germany unless you wear a condom.
Tidbit The American Enterprise Institute's Nicholas Eberstadt claims the reason that 1 out of 7 'prime working age' men are not in the labor force is that their wives or girl friends support them while they stay home playing video games.
Enlightened Self-Interest: Tony Blair, who was in charge when the crimes were committed, has called for an end to investigation into the abuses committed by British forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Noted: if the minimum wage had kept pace with productivity growth over the last fifty years it would be over $18 an hour now.
Refrigerator Note: “Today’s Democrats have become the Party of War: a home for arms merchants, mercenaries, academic war planners, lobbyists for every foreign intervention, promoters of color revolutions, failed generals, exploiters of the natural resources of corrupt governments.” … “We have broken one Middle Eastern nation after another. Hundreds of cities and villages lie in ruins, hundreds of thousands are dead, millions are refugees; and, for all the press and political thundering against the menace of ISIS, Al Qaeda, or Islamic terrorism generally, our military leaders offer no prospects of victory. They cannot tell us what victory would require or mean; though they are quick to assure us, as in Libya today, that this conflict will go on indefinitely. They cannot even explain how some of our current allies (example Turkey) are bombing and shelling others of our purported allies (example the Kurds). So a Democratic administration, carrying on the work of the Bush presidency, without thought and without question, year after year, has kept sending more young men and women into the grinder.” … It is “a Democratic president who sends an endless parade of drones to nations all over the world … with complete carelessness in how that technological prowess destroys people and nations.” A vote for Hillary 'Regime Change' Clinton is a vote for war, which is not to excuse Trump but to suggest we examine her record if only to dampen our already tepid enthusiasm.
Scene On The Street: Have you noticed how many Americans are celebrating The Recoveryby living in their vans and checking out the sales at the dollar store for a new pair of jeans?
Tied For First Place: The UN has declared antibiotic resistance – greatly due to the use/abuse of antibiotics in the food system – to be one of the greatest and most urgent global risks. Along with AIDS and Ebola. And global warming, the migrant/refugee crisis, overpopulation and American military adventurism.
Clarification: Hillary doesn't lie, although she often resorts to carefully engineered statements that accommodate a certain flexibility.
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McMike said...

Re fridge note. Bingo.

Next, there's surely a matching column where a former actual-economic-liberal points out (the also obvious) that the Dems have also become the party of Wall Street.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Well let's not belabor the obvious...

McMike said...

Yeah, but it's always fun to see turn-coats stick their necks out and point at the Emperor's undies. (Which in fact takes an incredible amount of personal, professional, and financial courage).

Come to think of it, Robert Reich has been doing this for years.

Gegner said...

Same topic and all I have to add is AMEN!