Wednesday, September 28, 2016

SAR #16272

Agreement requires disagreement.
Revelations: Trump says that over 200 generals and admirals have selected him to be president. Strange, I thought it was supposed to be the other way around.
Going, Going, Gone: In Paris the US pledged to reduce its CO2 emissions 26-28% below 2005 levels (about 6 billion tons of CO2) by 2025. Even if Obama's Clean Power Plan were enacted promptly, it would miss that goal by well over 1 billion tons and maybe as much as 1.8 billion tons of CO2 emissions. And the Clean Power Plan is unlikely to get past our Republicans or our courts. The always cosmetic 1.5°C goal is not going to be met. Neither is the 2°C level. MIT scientists say that even with the proposed cuts global temperatures will pass a 3.5C increase in average global temperatures by 2100. That's a 6.5° F increase, which is pretty much curtains on civilization as we know it.
Rainy Daze: Among US households nearing retirement (age 55-65) the median retirement account holds about $14,500.
Sleeping Around: The Trump campaign is said to be planning on diverting attention from the poor debate showing by Their Donald by attacking the Clinton's marriage. A spokesman claimed that Trump's repeated adulteries don't count against him as a negative character trait because he's still 'friends' with his ex-wives.”
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes: The WHO says that 9 out of 10 people globally are breathing poor quality air, which kills more than six million of us every year.
Doing Our Part: Automobile exhaust is one of the top contributers to global warming, and it is heartwarming to know that we Americans are doing our part – burning a record 9.7 billion barrels of gasoline every day.
The 7% Solution: Trump professes, "Believe me, I started off with $1 million," in 1975. This is probably true, but overlooks the fact that over the next ten years Daddy gave him another $13 million.
Indoctrination: The Tennessee State Board of Education Standards Recommendation Committee wants to remove information about Islam – the third largest religion in the world - from the state's middle school curricula because it isn't “age-appropriate”.
Achievement: Donald Trump was recognized as “the most improved bigot” on the stage Tuesday night. He also won the consistency award for his ongoing misogyny.
A Parting Shot:


paul said...

Considering that we evolved to breathe air containing around 180ppm CO2, shouldn't it be 10 out of 10 of us?

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

First 'ear' of the day goes to paul.

Gegner said...

Between farm-out, automation and CHURN [the practice of replacing high cost workers with lower paid ones] the working class has been abandoned by both the unions and the politicians while under relentless attack by the 1 %

Given the exponential increase in the cost of living, EVERYBODY below the level of the now non-existant 'middle manager' has been using 'easy credit' to make ends the point of borrowing against their houses in order to pay off their maxed out credit cards! When the bottom fell out from under the Real Estate bubble, people tapped their retirement accounts.

Now we are at 'crunch time' and people have nothing left.

Think things are 'tough' now? Wait a couple of years when they start stacking the dead on the street corners.

Put a fork in it! Capitalism is 'cooked', we need meaningful change NOW!