Monday, October 3, 2016

SAR #16277

Complicity is an interesting word.
Cart/Horse: The Larry Summers headline claims “The Decline of the Middle Class is Causing Economic Damage”. Sorry, Larry, but it's the other way 'round. Mr. Summers also thinks (thinks?) it is time for more governments to start propping up stock markets by buying stocks outright, on a regular basis. (Yellen likes the idea.) But even Larry understands that “we are fairly near the end of the rope.” Imagine, they let this guy teach at Harvard.
Precisely: India conducted several attacks against Pakistan. As these were “surgical strikes” and not acts of war, no biggie despite causing “significant casualties”.
Redlining: In 2006, when the banks were setting borrowers up to fail, African-Americans made 8.7% of house purchases. It's down to 5.5% today, when at least the pretense of decorum is required. A sociology class could have fun with those numbers, compared to population demographics...
Dialog: "F--- this guy I’m going to hit him.” “OK. Go for it. Go for it.” And they did, missed. Then the Sacramento cops got out of their car and shot the mentally ill homeless man 14 times.
A Fine Mess: The GAO, agreeing with the Congressional Research Service, says that the administration's diverting funds ($16 billion so far) from the US Treasury to pay insurers under the ACA is unauthorized, inappropriate, and illegal. The also talked about “criminal investigations into those who authorized the illegal payments.” Sure.
More? A 15-year old middle schooler from Prince William County, Md went through the lunch line, got the free lunch he is entitled to, and then went back and got a 65-cent carton of milk, which he was also entitled to. But the cop on duty didn't think so, so he accused the kid of stealing the milk. Cooler heads did not prevail and the kid is now going to trial for theft. Everybody else involved should go on trial for stupidity.
Words To The Rise: “Do not resist” is the advice to everyone encountering any of our warrior cops – which seems to be most of them. Remember, in training they are told that the best sex of their lives will come right after they kill someone.
Perfectly Legal: Donald Trump's 1995 tax return shows he lost $916 million that year. Quite possibly the “tax loss carry-forward” would have left him paying no tax for a decade or more. Nothing illegal, just an example of how the tax laws coddle real estate tycoons. As the man said, he was just being smart. You, you pay taxes, don't you. Not smart
Fairness: NJ's Democrats have gone along with Governor Christie's plan to cut the estate tax for the rich by raising the price of gasoline for the rest by 23 cents a gallon.
Porn O'Graph: Headed toward the finished line.
A Parting Shot:


Gegner said...

Yet another day in 'Paradise'! I'd like to think 'this can't go on much longer' but I'd be wrong...not for the first time and certainly not the last.

Two things should be on every US citizen's mind, first, How do we fix this and second, how long do I have before it's me staring down a rogue cop?

Not a case of IF but WHEN...and that SHOULD scare you into ACTION...but what action? The courts are corrupt/useless and while cops number one to every several thousand, there are still too many of them for even a small army to take on.

We sure can't 'vote them out of power' (and you'd think a more thorough 'vetting process' would already be in place but most police jobs are 'heridetary', a decidedly bad thing all by itself.

So the question remains, not 'how did we get here' but What are we going to do about it?

THe answer is STRIKE!

Unknown said...

boy, living in NJ must be "strange." having your Gov. R, openly screw you with this blatant theft from poor to rich, and the D' are obliging. Sounds like the Quislings are only happy to help screw the poor. almost like what happens in Congress, but on a real local level. but then i thought the bridge traffic jam would have been enough to cause Christie to feel some pain. apparently not.

Americans are for the scamming, and the Republicans are upfront about this, while the Democrats are always happy to help. that is, provided they get their share. America for Sale, to the Rich, by it's own design

is America Great or What?