Wednesday, October 19, 2016

SAR #16293

Grovel, Peasants! After several years of no increases, Social Security payments will be going up an average of $3.98 a month, which will pay for a small part of the increase on one RX for most of us.
Stoolies: Deutsche Bank is paying the US $38 million for its part in stealing billions from the gullible by illegally conspiring to manipulate and fix the price of silver. They got off with the token fine because they have agreed to rat out the other banks in the conspiracy. Certainly no honor among these theives.
Good Point: Perhaps this would be a good time to re-think the executive presidency and look for a little more popular control via Congress.
Game, Set... September was the hottest September on record, making 11 out of the last 12 months that have been record setters and guaranteeing that 2016 will be the hottest year on record, until next year.
Obvious, Clarified: Philippines President Donald Trump Rodrigo Duterte says he 'doesn't give a s*** about human rights'.
Day Late Department: Wall Street pundits are waking up to the fact that the tools central banks have tried to use to ameliorate the mess that Wall Street made of our economy haven't worked very well. Maybe several givens should be examined a bit more closely.
Trumped: At least 18 women have come forth with allegations of sexual harassment/assault by Mr. Trump, several with credible witnesses. There's a new video out that shows Trump bragging that the sexual assault allegations simply make him more attractive to his base,being the manly man and all. And Melania (the current Mrs. Trump) is doing a Hillary and standing by her man.
Rules Is Rules: In Ethiopia, under new “state of emergency” laws, posting anything on Facebook is a crime punishable by 5 years in jail.
Motivation: WikiLeaks' Julian Assange lost his access to the Internet in his sanctuary in the Ecuadorian embassy in London when Ecuador caved to appeals by the Obama regime, well known for detesting public access to the process of government. Define “appeals” and explain how it differs from “pressure” or “blackmail” in this instance.
Porn O'Graph: Home On The Range.
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G-fan said...

Human Rights/Duarte: He's just saying what Obama's been doing, particularly to dark skin people or foreigners

BTW, some quit, two even went over to the other side, but quite a number of "Buffalo" soldiers units were active in the US military's genocide of several Moro tribes in the Philipines.That's the power of wanting to join the club and find someone lower down the ladder to kick around to feel better about one's own lack of self-esteem.

Anonymous said...

It's very interesting that we are castigating anyone for indiscriminate violence against drug dealers or users.

I have zero knowledge of Duterte's policies, but anytime a foreign leader irks the American press in such a hypocritical fashion it is because he is posing an all together separate threat to American imperialism or transnational corporations' ability loot the hell out of the country in question.

Gegner said...

Um, re: Pornograph...time to whip the intern, WASHINGTON is a STATE, DC is the capital...aomebody doesn't know better and bolded the former thinking they were pointing to the capitol.

But what do we want/expect from an educational system that produced today's society?

Anonymous said...

I'll bite on this one, could Washington be in bold to denote the median state for CO2 emissions?

I could be wrong though; I went to a public school.